December 30, 2011


Walter E. Williams is filling in for Rush today… On the unequal reaping of economic rewards in the free market system…

Now you take somebody like Joanne Rowling… she is the Harry Potter lady. And she’s a billionaire. She’s in that top one percent. Although she’s in Britain, she’s in that top one percent. Now how did Rowling become so wealthy and unequal to the rest of us? Well I think the entire blame for this social injustice lies at the feet of the world’s children. The children are responsible. Because her wealth is a direct result of more than 500 million Harry Potter book sales. And if the children did not have their parents go buy them these Harry Potter books, she wouldn’t be rich, she wouldn’t be in that top one percent. Or you take my friend – actually he’s not my friend, I just like the way the guy plays – Lebron James. He is an animal on the basketball court. And this guy has 43 million dollars a year. And that’s very unequal to the rest of us. That’s socially unjust. Now how does Lebron James get 43 million dollars a year? Well again, it’s the children. It’s the children getting their fathers – instead of children staying home and doing homework and their fathers helping their wives out with the kitchen duties, they’re going downtown to the sports arena and plunk down $100 to see Lebron James play basketball. And then I think there’s a form of gross discrimination with this as well. Because I can play basketball too. But nobody’s paying me 43 million dollars.