March 29, 2011


On the implications of Obama's conduct of the Libyan war.

Now, Obama is setting in place a new precedent, all of a sudden respecting our foreign policy and our military. And I don't mean, he respects them. He's setting a new place – new terms, if you will. All roads first go through the UN... All roads go through the UN, NATO, what have you. Look for more of this. And then you turn the operations over to another coalition. What Obama is doing here is multitasking. He is undoing our sovereignty, while at the same time setting the table to take personal credit for the eventual overthrow of . Never forget, never forget folks, Barack Obama has always held himself out as a global citizen, bigger, than the mere boundaries of our own country.

May 3, 2011


On the tactics used by US forces in the killing of bin Laden, which the Left found abhorrent under President Bush, but which it now accepts.

So again, to review: an American President, with admittedly incomplete intelligence, invades a foreign and supposedly friendly nation. Without that nation's knowledge or consent. Using information extracted from Guantanamo detainees subjected to allegedly illegal enhanced interrogation methods, i.e. waterboarding... and all of this was done without any United Nations resolution or authorization of any kind.