February 18, 2013


On the bankruptcy of Obamacare’s high-risk health insurance pool for pre-existing conditions…

This law [Obamacare] is going to collapse on itself, if it doesn't get full-fledged resources of the states, and it's not going to have those. This law mandates things that the federal government has no idea yet are mandated, because not everybody has studied this thing. It's gonna require expenditures that nobody's aware of yet. We don't have the money for any of this! This thing is a time bomb waiting to blow up out there, and it's gonna blow up. I'll tell you when it's gonna blow. I just know what's going to happen. It's gonna blow up when there are very few, if any, options left in the private insurance market. And by then, it's gonna be too late.

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January 7, 2013


On the ineffectual negotiating strategies used by Republicans against Obama…

These guys don't know what they're up against with Obama. They still don't know who he is. They still don't know what he's about, and they still make the mistake of assuming he's telling them the truth. Does anybody really believe that Obama really believes we don't have spending problem? He knows we got a spending problem. It's a problem he enjoys. It's a problem he wants. He wants to spend more! I don't believe Obama's sitting around in the cover of darkness telling himself that he's a big spender. Democrats spend big on the big welfare state. That's how they empower themselves.

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October 31, 2012


On rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy….

New Jersey and Queens and all that, they're gonna be rebuilt. But not because of a president. Not even because of a governor. They're gonna be rebuilt not because of any politician. These areas are gonna be rebuilt because of people, the people who make the country work, local communities, neighbors helping neighbors, churches, you name it. Individuals and families will pick themselves up. They won't wait around. There are not very many people in this country that wait around for the government, but New Orleans was one of them. Well, that's what liberalism does to people. They wait. They don't take charge of their own lives. This is not gonna happen here. This disaster illustrates what a president cannot do. This disaster illustrates what a government cannot do. And to me that's what this election's all about. Government's become way too big, way too important, way too big a factor.

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March 16, 2012


On the difference between charity and welfare…

The reason the Catholic Church, all the way back to the days of FDR, got roped into the liberal/socialist agenda is that they became convinced that welfare was charity. And churches are big on charity. And they thought that it would sound good for them to support massive government wealth transfer programs – welfare programs – under the guise that it was charity. And so the Catholic Church and its hierarchy in this country slowly but surely migrated to socialism, in terms of its political preferences… under the notion that liberalism is charity, under the notion that welfare is charity. Well it isn’t. Welfare is the willful absconding of money owned by others and giving it to other people, for your benefit, not theirs. Liberals give money to people, wanting a payback. The payback’s the vote.

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February 1, 2012


On statements made by Mitt Romney which are likely to be taken out of context by the media…

Okay. “I like firing people.” “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” Both of them – if they’re standalones, and taken out of context – are big problems. And they indicate a problem. Taken in context – which isn’t going to happen, with the drive-by media – taken in context, it’s understandable. But I even have a problem with this in context. “I’m not worried about the poor – we got a safety [net].” The safety net is one of the biggest cultural problems we’ve got. We had better be worried about it, just like we had better get angry over Obamacare. Obamacare is worth getting mad about. Mitt said that it wasn’t. This business – “I’m not worried about the very poor, we got a safety net there.” Right. The safety net is contributing to the destruction of their humanity and their futures.


December 12, 2011


On the creeping, incremental growth of the state, how it benefits the Democrat party, and how difficult it is for conservatives to oppose it…

What are we trying to do? We’re trying to defend against this profligate spending, but we’re not on offense. We’re just trying to stop it. We’re like at The Alamo. We’re just trying to stop it. We’re constantly on defense. Everywhere. ‘cause we don’t use government the way they do. They’re constantly on offense. Constantly making a move, constantly trying to make it bigger. We’re just saying “Stop! Stop, dammit, stop!” We’re not even trying to advance anything… So this is how it works you see. If you feed them – if you feed the children, three square meals a day, during the school year, how can you expect them to feed themselves in the summer? So you start out with breakfast for the kids that can’t afford that… and then of course it expanded, and we learned – now it includes dinner! … Okay and then school ends. And of course how can we expect them to feed themselves in the summer, when they haven’t had to for nine months. So, this is how it works. They demand to be fed during the summer. Or their acolytes demand that they be fed, during the summer. Because after all, we’ve conditioned them to not feeding themselves. Plus their parents don’t have to take responsibility of feeding them. And their parents don’t have to take the responsibility of paying, not directly… Wanton little waifs and serfs, dependent on the state. Pure and simple.

November 25, 2011


[Rebroadcast material]… On why President Obama would ask the Supreme Court for an expedited ruling on Obamacare…

We’ve mentioned a couple possibilities as to why the regime has asked for a quick review and decision from the Supreme Court on Obamacare. And I want to throw out another possibility. Given where Obama is in the polls – and folks, it is much worse than the state-controlled media polls indicate – I think it’s disastrous. Simple logic would tell us, it’s disastrous. We are on the verge of a depression. The idea that the incumbent President has a chance to be reelected is absurd, in those circumstances. Yet the media narrative each day is of course just the opposite because Obama’s their guy… So they ask for a quick review of Obamacare. One of two ways to look at it. They’re either very confident they’re going to win this thing, or – or – given who Obama is, a community organizer who loves agitating people, and who is probably very connected, if not personally, his regime, to these Wall Street protests, and he’s … egging them on, and so is Biden. They’re egging these people on. So there’s a part of me that says Obama would love the court declaring Obamacare unconstitutional. I think Obama loves playing a victim. I think he would love to take that to the bank and say, “See what they’re doing to your free healthcare?”

November 28, 2011


On a New York Times article which outlines the Obama Administration’s new reelection campaign strategy…

The Democrat party… is going after the entitlement class, the welfare-dependent class, and the elite, in academia, art, human resource management, lawyers, library and social workers and so forth – what a coalition! The backbone of America! And that’s who they’re going after. They are ceding it! … The New York Times is admitting that the Democrat party, the Obama coalition is saying, “If you work, we don’t want you… If you work, we know you don’t want us. If you work, you’re the targets. If you work, you are the people we are gunning for. If you work, we are coming after you to make sure the other elements of our constituency are able to eat.” That’s what the Obama coalition is saying.

November 11, 2011


On an announcement by the Department of Education that schools should start teaching personal finance classes to children in kindergarten…

Why would kindergarten students need to know anything about personal finance? By the time they grow up they’re not going to have any money of their own, it’s gonna all be the government’s. They are not going to have to worry about buying food; it’ll all be provided by the government. They won’t be buying homes or maybe even paying rent – they’ll be living in government-subsidized housing. They won’t have to buy a car, they’ll be given an electric car or told to ride mass transit.

August 24, 2011


Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today… On the connection between “helicopter” (i.e. overprotective) parents and the federal government...

We now have a helicopter government. Barack Obama’s our helicopter President. He believes that we’ve got to give everybody healthcare, that healthcare costs are going up so much that we can’t figure out a way to make this work via the free market and that it has to become the next entitlement. He wants to take Medicare and Social Security off the table for any kind of reform, tweaks, or changes at all because we can’t survive if we don’t have them in exactly the kind of form that we’re in right now. The whole nature of the stimulus program – “The only way we can get through our recession is if I (President Obama) spend a trillion dollars and throw it out to my friends in government – that will get the economy started again.” He’s the helicopter President.

August 22, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the rapidly swelling social security disability rolls in the United States and Great Britain…

A lot of these guys rioting, looting, torching, burning in London were officially categorized as disabled because in the late 90s, in order to so called “reduce the unemployment rate” the British government found it convenient to reclassify the long-term unemployed as “disabled”. They weren’t actually disabled. They could hold most jobs. Yes you might be disabled if you were asked to rappel into the presidential palace in Tripoli and depose Ghadafi – you might be a wee bit too disabled for that. But you are certainly not disabled enough to hold down the majority of jobs… and yet they essentially for political reasons, to give the appearance of lowering the unemployment rate, they classified a big chunk of the unemployed as disabled. By the way this is profoundly wicked, because what you’re doing is, the state is inviting somebody, is incentivizing a citizen to collude in a lie because somewhere, somewhere deep inside, you know – you’re sitting around at home all day, you’re “disabled”, you’re claiming your disabled benefits – but somewhere deep down inside you know you’re able to work, you know there are jobs you can do and so there’s something actually evil about the welfare state classifying someone as unable to work when they are in fact able to.

March 9, 2011


On social welfare spending.

Unemployment compensation. The payment of unemployment benefits, is almost as high as social security, in this country. Folks, we are not going to survive as a nation, not the way we've been founded, with this kind of sloth and laziness, and feeding at the public trough. It just cannot happen... Handouts. Handouts. The redistribution of wealth makes up one-third of U.S. wages. Social welfare spending has increased three and a half times since 1960. We declared war on poverty, and it's given us this. We declared war on poverty and what do we have? Thirty-five percent of our people living on the dole.

March 10, 2011


On the road ahead for Republican politicians...

What Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana Republicans are doing better be an inspiration. Because if what they're doing makes other Republicans get weak in the knees, if other Republicans get scared and don't like what they're seeing and alter the way they go, then all this is gonna be for naught. If we get caught up in "Oh my God, we're losing the headline war on Twitter...” – now's not the time to start hoping the media get it, see our way. There are decisions very difficult ahead. The pressure... can't be imagined. Forget the union thugs – up next is the Welfare Nation, that's gonna be storming into every building they can get into. This is the warm-up. Are we all ready for it? I wonder.

March 18, 2011


On what's at stake in the Wisconsin confrontation between Governor Walker and the public-sector unions.

The Left does not stop with the law. The Left doesn't care. They will do whatever, they will get these teachers, these people they want us to think of as the kind of people seen in a Norman Rockwell painting, and they'll bring the little students up to the capitol building and say "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Scott Walker's gotta go." ... So the Left is showing us once again who they are, and what is it they're trying to preserve? ... they are trying to preserve the union money-laundering operation. That is what's going on here. Never forget that that's what the public sector unions are. They are money-laundering operations. They are doing their best – they're pulling out all the stops, to make sure – 'cause all those union dues, it's all about union dues, which end up as campaign donations to the Democrat party. In Wisconsin, in Washington, where have you. That's what's at stake. Secondarily – make no mistake, it's a close second... – that is, the freeloaders don't want to give up the gravy-train.