January 7, 2013


On the ineffectual negotiating strategies used by Republicans against Obama…

These guys don't know what they're up against with Obama. They still don't know who he is. They still don't know what he's about, and they still make the mistake of assuming he's telling them the truth. Does anybody really believe that Obama really believes we don't have spending problem? He knows we got a spending problem. It's a problem he enjoys. It's a problem he wants. He wants to spend more! I don't believe Obama's sitting around in the cover of darkness telling himself that he's a big spender. Democrats spend big on the big welfare state. That's how they empower themselves.

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December 5, 2012


On the ongoing “negotiations” between the Republican House leadership and President Obama to supposedly avoid the fiscal cliff…

There aren't any spending cuts, even if they claim there are because of the current services baseline. All there will ever be until that's fixed is cuts in the rate of growth of spending. But there won't be any real spending cuts. And the Republicans showed today that they're not even interested in it. And now they're ceding the language. So now deductions are loopholes. You know what that sets up? That sets up the premise that 100% of income is subject to taxation and that everything that we might deduct from our overall gross earnings is a loophole, not a deduction, not a legitimate deduction. They just gave that away by conceding on the language here. A loophole is not a deduction, but it has become one. I mean, stop and think. When you think of a loophole in the tax law, what do you think of? You think of an unintended error that allows people to get away without paying their taxes. That's what you think a loophole is. Well, sorry. Now a standard, legal itemized deduction and everyone one of them have become loopholes. And such, they are subject to elimination. So now the premise of 100% taxation, the premise is now on the table. And all that means is that all money is Washington's, and what we end up with is totally up to their discretion and their big-heartedness or mean-heartedness, what have you.

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January 23, 2012


On the dissatisfaction of the Republican Establishment with the field of contenders...

They are secretly trying to get Mitch Daniels back in the race. There are entreaties being made to Bobby Jindal to get in the race. They are panicked. They are scared to death they’re going to lose the House and not win the Senate and I told you on November 10th, that’s their primary concern. That’s why they were apoplectic at Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle getting Tea Party nominations. It’s about the Senate. It’s about being in charge of the money. It’s not about cutting spending. The Republican establishment is not … signed on to the cutting spending business… they don’t like conservatives, and they’re not really all that concerned about spending. They want to be in charge of it. That’s who they are. And they are not going to be in charge of it if they don’t hold the House and if they don’t pick up the Senate. And that’s what they really want. They’re not and never have been convinced that Obama can be beat.

December 26, 2011


On the failure of the Supercommittee to reach a budget agreement…

Everybody knew the Supercommittee wasn’t going to do anything. And by the way, there are no spending cuts. Even with sequestration. There are no spending cuts. It’s just reductions in the rate of growth. It’s the same old thing. Spending is still gonna up! It’s just like everything else, with the U.S. budget – it’s said to be a cut because it’s not going up as much. But defense spending, with sequestration, will still go up 16%. There’s no spending cuts here. Zilch, zero, nada. But anyway, folks, the market’s not down because the Supercommittee is gonna admit failure. Everybody knew this was gonna happen.

August 5, 2011


On the immediate consequences of the new debt deal…

Our country added $239 billion dollars in debt in a single day yesterday. $239 billion dollars in debt in a single day. May I put that in perspective for you? $239 billion dollars in debt in one day is about five times the real cuts, scheduled to occur, over the next ten years under the bipartisan debt deal. By way of comparison, we are supposed to get, as a result of the debt deal $900 billion in cuts. But they are spread out over ten years, meaning most of them are unlikely to ever happen since they are scheduled for the out years, and cannot be enforced on future congresses. But the regime was given $400 billion dollars in new borrowing authority for this week, and they ate up 60% of it in a single day… remember now: this was bipartisan. This was Boehner and McConnell and Krauthammer Online and the Kristol Standard and all and the Wall Street Journal, and they were all in on this. “Oh wow zowee what a great deal, this is the best we can do, why, golly we gotta do this. We gotta avoid default, we got to avoid losing the Triple A rating, we gotta do this deal, why, it’s real spending cuts!” That will never happen. More in debt in one day, than the spending cuts over ten years in the debt deal. It’s comical. It’s comical because it’s the same-old same-old. It’s the same old bag of you-know-what.