October 31, 2011


On media allegations that Herman Cain made unspecified physical gestures which were not overtly sexual but which nonetheless left unidentified women in his presence “uncomfortable” fifteen years ago…

Obama’s a can’t-do Presidency – Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the absolute scandal that is the Porkulus Stimulus, the destruction of the U.S. economy – and The Politico and the mainstream media have launched an unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack on an independent self-reliant conservative black because that is not allowed… What would the left be doing right now if, let’s say, there were an assault on Obama of this nature. Let’s say some conservative publication ran a story exactly like this – unnamed sources, fifteen years ago, every detail, Obama, sexual harassment. What would the Democrat National Committee and what would the media be doing? They would be going after the women. They would be targeting these women, and they would name names, and they would destroy them. That is what the Democrats and the media would do. They would set out to find out who these women are that would talk to the conservative publication, and they would destroy them.