January 23, 2013


On Obama and socialism…

All of this that's happening is going to implode, just like it imploded in the Soviet Union. Folks, socialism has never worked anywhere. It always implodes. It always fails. And Obama is nothing special. He's not a messiah. He doesn't have a magic wand that can turn a demonstrated failure of a system into a success. It is going to go the way of the dinosaur. The question is when, and how much damage is done in the process. It's a question of timing.

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July 2, 2012


On how some things won’t be changing, even if Obamacare is fully implemented…

There’s still going to be private-sector healthcare for the rich. It will still exist. It exists in Great Britain. It exists in Cuba. Do you think Fidel uses what his citizens use? Ha! Doctors from Spain flew over to try to fix his colon, which came detached ‘cause he didn’t want to wear a bag. That’s when he got sick, he got really infected in there. But in this country it’s gonna be the same. If you don’t want to buy insurance… ‘cause you’re a rich guy, you pay the fine and then you make a deal with the doctor and the hospital he works at, you put it on your credit card, or you write ‘em a check, somehow you pay him direct, it’ll cost less with no insurance but that’s still gonna be available.

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May 25, 2012


On the inherent popularity of socialism…

If Socialism is so damn popular it wouldn’t have to be imposed and maintained at the point of a gun all over the world. If socialism was so popular, it wouldn’t require dictatorship, to enforce it. If socialism was so popular it would not require a massive, expanding, central, command-and-control government to keep everybody in line. If it was so wonderful.

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May 7, 2012


On the election of Socialist Francois Hollande in France…

So a lot of people are asking me, “What does this mean?” – the election of the avowed socialist in France, Mr. Hollande. What does it mean? It means that France is gone. It means that there are more people on the take than there are producing. Pure and simple… Don’t think Obama hasn’t noticed this. What it means, it only means what it means for France. It’s impossible to extrapolate this. Unless you want to say that we’ve become France, and if we have become France – and I don’t think we’re there yet – but this guy promised to raise taxes on the top 1% by 75%, a millionaire’s tax… and everybody just went for it and elected only the second avowed socialist in French history. The first was Mitterrand, in the 80s. And they said no to austerity… “We’re not going to cut back government, we’re not going to cut spending, no no no, I want my goodies. I want my benefits.”

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April 9, 2012


On President Obama’s interpretation of the weakness of the U.S. economy…

Obama wants you to believe it’s in decline because of capitalism. Obama and the Democrat party want you to think our economy’s in decline because of its own structural failures and inability. They want you to believe that $5 gasoline is what you get with an economy where everybody’s out there fending for themselves. When there’s nobody looking out for people, when there’s nobody with compassion, when there’s nobody guaranteeing fairness, this is what happens. And of course the U.S. economy is in decline only because it’s in the shackles of socialism.

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March 9, 2011


On social welfare spending.

Unemployment compensation. The payment of unemployment benefits, is almost as high as social security, in this country. Folks, we are not going to survive as a nation, not the way we've been founded, with this kind of sloth and laziness, and feeding at the public trough. It just cannot happen... Handouts. Handouts. The redistribution of wealth makes up one-third of U.S. wages. Social welfare spending has increased three and a half times since 1960. We declared war on poverty, and it's given us this. We declared war on poverty and what do we have? Thirty-five percent of our people living on the dole.

June 29, 2011


On the political necessity of removing President Obama and the Democrats from power.

We must replace Barack Obama with a conservative Republican President. We must have as many conservative Republicans in congress, House and Senate, as we can. The way you increase jobs and growth and opportunity and wealth is through capitalism. We’ve just been through 29 months of Socialism. It’s miserable. It’s depressing. It’s stifling. It destroys the national mood. We need to contain the government. As long as Obama’s in the Oval Office – or on the golf course, or in some diner eating greasy hamburgers, or in charge of the Executive Branch – as long as his party controls any part of Congress – this nation can not recover. We do not have a chance... this country does not have a chance. With Barack Obama remaining in the Oval Office.

April 22, 2011


On the socialist model.

The socialist model, the things that Obama's trying to do simply can't – the country can't exist, they're gonna kill the golden goose. There's gonna be no money to redistribute at some point. And one of the things on our side is that the uninformed are ignorant acolytes of Obama, actually think that what's at the end of Obama's success is everybody prosperous, everybody earning a lot of money or having a lot of money, however they get it. Everybody having a certain degree of wealth. Once they realize that the end result of Obama-ism is servitude and near-poverty, then of course they're going to revolt against it. But right now we're stuck with their relative ignorance, born of the fact that the left has owned the education apparatus in this country for a hundred years.