December 9, 2011


On the possibility that a Republican presidential contender might try to run as an independent…

I think Ron Paul would do it. And if Ron Paul does it… we know that anybody, after this nomination process is over, is ticked off enough and goes third party – that’s it. You split the Republican vote. No third party candidate’s gonna win. No third-party candidate is gonna win beans in this election. All the third-party candidate is going to do is secure victory for Obama. And if that happens, if somebody on our side goes third-party, far as I’m concerned that’s what they’re trying to make happen. Re-elect Obama. For whatever reason. Anger at the electorate, at the Republican side for not nominating them, anger at other people for what happened to ‘em or what was said during the campaign, whatever… I think it’s one of the reasons the GOP is afraid to get tough and tell Ron Paul, “Look, you’re not polling anywhere, get out of this debate, you don’t belong here.” They’re not gonna tell him that… They don’t want to upset anybody and have ‘em go third-party.