October 22, 2012


On Reuters challenging Gallup’s polling methodology…

Do you ever recall a news agency questioning another poll? Do you remember when Obama had an 11-point lead, anybody questioning that poll, any other news agency? We, of course, did. When NBC News/Wall Street Journal had Obama up ten or whatever it was with these wild Democrat samples, do you remember Reuters writing a story questioning that result? I don't. And do you know why? Because it didn't happen. ABC has not questioned CBS. CBS has not questioned NBC. The Wall Street Journal has not questioned itself. Reuters hasn't challenged anybody else until today. But now Reuters is attacking Gallup for showing Romney with a six-point lead.

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September 14, 2012


On media polls showing Obama with sizable leads in several battleground states…

Obama going up in the polls right now doesn't make sense, does it? To you? Does Obama closing out the election right now make sense to you? Does Obama wrapping it up in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me. Obama getting stronger in the polls, right now, doesn't make sense to me. Well, Rasmussen's out today. Their latest poll has Romney up three. That's exactly right. Latest Rasmussen has Romney up three. And then there's this. "According to the Real Clear Politics averages, Mitt Romney now leads the presidential race in Virginia for the first time since the beginning of the year." Real Clear Politics, they average every poll.

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September 10, 2012


On a new onslaught of polls showing Obama significantly ahead of Mitt Romney…

The polls are just being used as another tool of voter suppression. The polls are an attempt to not reflect public opinion, but to shape it. Yours. They want to depress the heck out of you, and they want to suppress your vote. The polls are of adults, registered voters. Let me tell you the polls that count, and those are the polls a couple of weeks before the election. That's when the pollsters worry about holding onto their credibility. Those are the polls that everybody remembers. Nobody's gonna talk about what Public Policy Polling said in a poll in Ohio on September 10th. They're gonna worry about what Public Policy Polling said a week before the election, and that's when Public Policy Polling, a liberal group out of North Carolina, is gonna tell you what's really going on.

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