June 3, 2011


On the media and Sarah Palin.

They hate her, they despise her, they are frustrated that they haven't destroyed her. They can't believe she's still smiling, they can't believe she's still drawing crowds, they can't believe that she's enjoying life, they can't believe her family is still together, they can't believe her husband hasn't walked out on her. They can't believe any of this. Folks, you know this as well as I do. When they set out to destroy you, they mean just that. And Palin's not playing along with the script. She's not acting destroyed, she's not asking for forgiveness, she's not begging them to leave her alone, she's not changing in order to make them lighten up or anything. She's just looking at 'em and smiling, saying "Oh you want some more of it? Here it is."

June 10, 2011


On the release of 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's time as Alaska's Governor.

The New York Times and the Washington Post both are begging readers to help them sift through 24,000 emails of Sarah Palin's, from her time as Governor of Alaska... I don't recall this happening when we had that email release from the Hadley Climate Center, University of East Anglia... that foretold the hoax that is man-made global warming. There was an effort to bury those emails. But now, the New York Times and Washington Post want their readers to help them sift through these 24,000 emails. This is an obsession. It is an obsession. And I tell you, this is all going to end up backfiring on these people. It's just too much. You watch.

June 13, 2011


On the media's failure to find any dirt in the 24,000 emails released from Sarah Palin's time as Alaska's Governor.

What a spectacular backfire it was. I mean, 24,000 emails. How many? How many people could withstand a media analysis of 24,000 of your emails, replete with volunteers looking for any syllable of dirt on you, and nobody finds anything. What a giant backfire. Speaking of course of Sarah Palin, and the media – terribly distraught, looking for the knockout shot that they have been unable to deliver.