May 14, 2012


Mark Davis is filling in for Rush today… On gay marriage…

When we change the definition of marriage – the legal definition – the marriages that we are going to afford that unique protection – and say that homosexual marriage is THE same thing as heterosexual marriage – that means manhood and womanhood are in fact the same thing. And they are NOT… There are various protections and various delineations of manhood and womanhood. Mothers and fathers are not THE same thing. We don’t learn the same thing in the same way from your father as you do from your mother. A child needs both. A child benefits best from both a mother and a father… motherhood and fatherhood are not the same thing. And in the adoption issue… a child, for adoption purposes, should have a priority chance of being placed in a house with a married man and a married woman. It’s not the same thing as going into a house with two guys. Or going into a house with two ladies. Or going into a house with a single parent. All of whom, have an appreciable track record of doing good parenting – I stipulate that. I don’t quarrel with that. But that doesn’t change what the IDEAL is, and that is to have a mother and a father. And when society says – when the law itself says, “Eh. Household with a mother and a father, or household without a father – same thing (because it’s a lesbian). Or household without a mother (because it’s two guys). Ahh, same thing.” That is a perilous, perilous place to go.

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