May 14, 2012


Mark Davis is filling in for Rush today… On gay marriage…

When we change the definition of marriage – the legal definition – the marriages that we are going to afford that unique protection – and say that homosexual marriage is THE same thing as heterosexual marriage – that means manhood and womanhood are in fact the same thing. And they are NOT… There are various protections and various delineations of manhood and womanhood. Mothers and fathers are not THE same thing. We don’t learn the same thing in the same way from your father as you do from your mother. A child needs both. A child benefits best from both a mother and a father… motherhood and fatherhood are not the same thing. And in the adoption issue… a child, for adoption purposes, should have a priority chance of being placed in a house with a married man and a married woman. It’s not the same thing as going into a house with two guys. Or going into a house with two ladies. Or going into a house with a single parent. All of whom, have an appreciable track record of doing good parenting – I stipulate that. I don’t quarrel with that. But that doesn’t change what the IDEAL is, and that is to have a mother and a father. And when society says – when the law itself says, “Eh. Household with a mother and a father, or household without a father – same thing (because it’s a lesbian). Or household without a mother (because it’s two guys). Ahh, same thing.” That is a perilous, perilous place to go.

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April 20, 2012


Mark Davis is filling in for Rush today… On choosing a governing philosophy for the nation…

I’ve always believed, let conservatism and liberalism come to the table with their best ideas. Let the right come unapologetically with its best ideas. Let the left come unapologetically with their best ideas. Let the voters decide which way they want to go. And then go that way and see how it works. And if people aren’t liking the way it works then go the other way. Rather than this watered-down, mushy, middle ground, moderate, middle-of-the-roadism that gets us precisely nowhere… If you think of it geographically: you are in Chicago. You are in Chicago. And there are two people who have your attention. One of them wants to take you to New York and the other wants to take you to Los Angeles. What is the compromise position there? There’s no compromise position! Somebody wants to take you east and somebody wants to take you west. You gots to pick one! … And what is the middle ground, what is the common ground position between the two forces, one of which loves expansionist, collectivist government, and the other side which seeks to dismantle that and bring us closer to the kind of government the founders envisioned. What is the compromise position there? There is none. You’ve got to do one or the other.


October 10, 2011


Mark Davis is filling in for Rush today… On President Obama’s re-election prospects…

I’m not gonna sit here in October of ’11 and tell you that it’s a definite 10-point Republican win in 2012. But, that having been said, right now, this President – who did us the favor, did us the favor of telling us what he was going to do, and then did it – I have to tell you, you can blister President Obama for a lot of things, but the usual politician thing of campaigning one way and governing another? That’s the problem with this guy. He’s governing exactly as he campaigned. His ideas were bad in the campaign, and they’re horrible in actual practice. And there are tons of voters – independent voters – who gave him the Presidency, who now have an enormous case of buyer’s remorse. These voters are there, to be lured, back into the Republican camp. And it seems that every day of actual Obama governance makes that job a little easier. But we can never be lazy. We can never be overconfident. We’ve gotta put up a good candidate, an upbeat unapologetic conservative, who can take it to this President on a debate stage and return him to private life.

August 26, 2011


Mark Davis is sitting in for Rush today… On the electability of Barack Obama…

Are we really going to be able to beat this guy? And, looking at things right now, one would say, sure. But we cannot be over-confident… it’s like having a 17-10 lead midway through the second quarter of a football game. You have no idea how the third and fourth quarters are gonna go… I don’t think President Obama is gonna do anything that makes everybody love him 20x more. I would have a hard time wondering what the October Surprise would be that would make everybody think “Wow this has been a great presidency!" So the only thing that maybe occurs to me is something either economic or militarily that makes us not want to change presidents. It’s kind of funny, I would never predict this, you never can tell, but when people sit around in bars and think about what could happen, like bombing an Iranian nuclear facility sometime around Halloween. If he does that I will flat out tell you he probably wins. Will he do that? [Laughs] One expects not… It appears that the only thing he really wants to do with Ahmadinejad is have him over for mint tea.

August 19, 2011


Mark Davis is filling in for Rush today… On the logic of immigration enforcement.

Let us not divorce ourselves from some clarity here. The moment you set foot on American soil as an illegal immigrant you are a law-breaker. The minute you are. If you brought your beautiful family with you, you’re still breaking the law. If all you want is a better life for yourself, you’re still breaking the law. If you have the noblest of intent, you’re still breaking the law. Now, we have to figure out what to do about that. Lot of people want guest worker programs, a lot of people want amnesty, and a lot of people just want to deport every single one of ‘em and do deportation from now until we’re done. As a practical matter, that’s gonna be hard. I’ll be the first to tell you, with ten, fifteen, twenty million illegals that we have, finding every single one of them and at least sending them in the direction of the nation of their birth is a very tall order. But you know what? Try it anyway! Because using that logic – and I love when people give me this – they say, “Well, we’ll never get all of them, so why try?” What? Well guess what, we’ll never get all the drug users, either. We’ll never get all of the bank robbers either. We’ll never get all of the speeders. Let’s do away with speed limits. We’ll never catch all the speeders. Let’s do away with drug laws. We’ll never catch everybody that’s dealing in coke or hash or meth or pot or whatever, we’ll never catch everybody, so since we won’t catch everybody, why even try? That logic would never last a second, with various other crimes. But with immigration it’s supposed to.

March 21, 2011


Mark Davis is guest-hosting for Rush... On the motives behind a muscular American foreign policy...

I'm sick to death of "Oh we can't go in and look like we're trying to impose an American solution. We can't look, oh you know heavy-handed. We can't look, you know, colonial." Did we make Iraq the 51st state? Did I miss something? Hasn't that lie been told? Hasn't that myth been exploded? You know we tried to get Afghanistan to apply as a protectorate of the United States... we are not trying to take these countries, we're not trying to take their oil, we're not trying to run their lives. We're trying to level the playing field, we've gotta level a lot of things before we level that playing field, we're trying to literally level the landscape that contains Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or whoever else we're trying to get rid of. We have to actually kill people and break things. It's a war. It's a war. And we have to do that. Our goal is to set up a resulting landscape in which the surviving population – hopefully the vast majority of them – can look around and go, "Wow, now our future is our own. Now we can actually create for ourselves, the country where we can elect our own leaders, draft our own constitution, have our own laws." And hopefully enjoying those freedoms creates populations that are less likely to want to kill us.

June 27, 2011


On the rules of engagement for Republican presidential candidates.

Let’s just stipulate that all Republicans who are running are gonna be asked “Why do you hate Obama’s guts? Why do you think the President is such a dreadful, horrible, America-hating slob?" They may not phrase it exactly that way, but that’s the tone, and every Republican candidate will have to reveal a certain amount of graciousness by saying “I think the President’s a lovely person, delightful father, good husband, I’m sure he loves America too – but here’s why I think every idea in his head is wrong, and here’s why I think we can’t take another four years of him..." ... on you go, down to what you really need to say for your campaign. And I want every Republican candidate to be. That. Gracious. Being ungracious? That’s a liberal thing. Bush is Hitler? That’s a leftist thing. Okay? I want to be gracious. I want to be civil. And then I want to wholeheartedly, and aggressively, go after an agenda that is flat-out dangerous to America. I don’t for one minute think that those are mutually exclusive.