December 28, 2012


Mark Belling is guest-hosting for Rush today… On President Obama’s attitude about the fiscal cliff …

For Barack Obama, this fiscal cliff isn't a problem or a crisis. This is nothing to worry about. He sees this as an opportunity! I honestly think he's looking forward to this. This is his chance to do what he's wanted to do. I think he sees this thing as an opportunity to redistribute income, and that drives him. He's not looking for a deal. He's not looking to help the economy or avert a recession. He's got different motivations here.

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August 15, 2012

limbaugh belling

Mark Belling is guest-hosting for Rush today… On the hand-wringing of inside-the-beltway Republican election consultants over Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for his VP…

I’m not going to say that every consultant is an idiot. They have these jobs for a reason, and some of them have pretty good track records. But what they’re really really good at doing is the same thing over and over again. What they aren’t very good at is actually seeing the future. I believe the Romney choice of Ryan enhances his chances of winning. I believe we are at a stage right now where you have millions of Americans who are more engaged than they have ever been. I believe this is going to work.

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July 6, 2012


[Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today]… On President Obama’s economic performance since he took office…

[President Obama’s] not the first President to inherit an economic downturn. For every recovery there was a downturn before it. And he came in, with a Democratic congress … a Senate and a House that allowed him to do whatever he wanted. And they did exactly what they wanted to do – they went and looted the American economy by borrowing nearly a trillion dollars and going out and creating this massive stimulus program, saying that it would create so many jobs that the economy would recover and that we would quickly pay back the amount that we borrowed, and there would be no impact at all on the budget deficit, that we would actually, if anything, help start paying down the national debt with this incredible boom that would occur because of his great stimulus… instead, nothing happened. We haven’t had any improvement in the housing market to speak of at all. We haven’t had any improvement in the jobs market at all… what he managed to do was create an enormous deficit, dig us into a huge hole, and do nothing to turn the economy around.

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December 28, 2011


Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today… On the lack of good news in advance of the full implementation of Obamacare…

I swear every three weeks, you’ll see a story about something – it’s never good – and then the phrase they put between the commas is “part of a little-known provision in President Barack Obama’s health care law”. The whole thing is filled with little-known provisions. Isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi said? “Well we’re just going to have to pass it and find out what’s in it.” Well now we find out what’s in it. Have we yet had one thing come out that’s in it, that’s been good? If there was, if there was just one thing in this, or one ramification – and we’re only in the early stages of this – if there was one thing that was working out well, can you imagine how the media would be trumpeting it? Obama would be there at wherever that magical place was where something good was happening because we passed Obamacare. Everything that happens as a result of this turns out to be a bad thing.

August 24, 2011


Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today… On the connection between “helicopter” (i.e. overprotective) parents and the federal government...

We now have a helicopter government. Barack Obama’s our helicopter President. He believes that we’ve got to give everybody healthcare, that healthcare costs are going up so much that we can’t figure out a way to make this work via the free market and that it has to become the next entitlement. He wants to take Medicare and Social Security off the table for any kind of reform, tweaks, or changes at all because we can’t survive if we don’t have them in exactly the kind of form that we’re in right now. The whole nature of the stimulus program – “The only way we can get through our recession is if I (President Obama) spend a trillion dollars and throw it out to my friends in government – that will get the economy started again.” He’s the helicopter President.

July 15, 2011


Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today... On President Obama’s refusal to consider spending cuts.

Obama is taking the American treasury into the crack house. Now we’re addicted. We have a terrible problem – the country’s got the shakes. And he’s saying, “Well, I won’t go to the crack house as much, but you’ve got to give me some money so I can go there at least a few times more." You know how that’s going to work out. This problem can only be addressed by cutting spending, and he will not do it.

June 6, 2011


Mark Belling is guest-hosting for Rush today.

On President Obama and the anemic U.S. economy.

The reason there hasn't been more of a recovery and the reason we may be headed for another recession... is because of the policies of Obama. This isn't Bush's economy. And this is not the '07/'08 recession. This is Barack Obama's economy.