March 1, 2013


On Obama’s uncanny ability to avoid the political consequences of his policies…

The genius of Barack Obama is the truth never attaches itself to him. It's not that he's not held accountable, that's not the genius. It's not that the media doesn't tie him to it. His genius is his direct relationship with the people that vote for him and how he is able to convince them. I don't even think he needs the media, frankly. Now, it would be a lot harder if the media were challenging him, but that is a hypothetical that's never gonna happen because the media never is gonna be in opposition to Obama, so that's a pipe dream.

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February 11, 2013


On the media’s reaction to cop-killer Christopher Dorner’s left-wing politics…

After every mass killing in this country, the media turns over every rock trying to find any evidence whatsoever that the killer was inspired by conservatives. Yet Christopher Dorner is admitting that he idolizes left-wingers in politics and in the media, and it's not news. It's no big deal.

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February 8, 2013


On the at-large ex-LAPD cop accused of killing three people in California…

I must warn those of you in Big Bear Lake, California, there's a nut on the loose. He's on the prowl. He's shooting people. This former cop, this Dorner guy, he's running around, and he loves left-wingers and so forth. I think the safest thing for those of you to do in the area where he is thought to be is turn in your guns now. They tell us that will stop him. That's right – because nothing strikes fear into killers like people that don't have any guns. That's what Obama tells us, and that's what the experts who are trying to make us all safer say. So you got a madman on the loose. He happens to love left-wingers. That, by the way, is being ignored.

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January 18, 2013


On Lance Armstrong’s doping confession to Oprah Winfrey…

Wasn't Bill Clinton telling the truth? Weren't all these people being critical of Bill Clinton just a bunch of people trying to take down this greatest, most moral president we've ever had? Oprah, your heroes, Bill and Hillary Clinton, wrote the blueprint: Deny, deny, deny, and attack the accuser! They wrote the blueprint, and it's been used by Democrats ever since. The Democrats to this day use the Lance Armstrong tactic. In fact, every Obama campaign is oriented toward destroying the opposition however you have to. If you have to lie, if you have to run ads that are not truthful at all, you just do it. That's all Lance was doing. He was just practicing the theories that have been shown to work by Bill and Hillary. "Vast right-wing conspiracy." I can't believe Oprah doesn't know this. See the different standards?

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December 3, 2012


On Republicans and the media…

There's no mystery about what the media is, and the Republicans clearly understand. The mistake they make is believing that they can change the media's mind or make the media like them or make the media not criticize them, rather than attempt to defeat the media. They will not, in any way, do that.

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October 24, 2012


On the new Benghazi revelations… the White House viewing the terrorist attack on a live drone feed… receiving emails from besieged consulate officials… refusing to take action to save them… and the refusal of the mainstream media to cover the story…

I want to tell you right now, there are only two explanations for this entire sordid affair. One is gross, unbelievable, incalculable incompetence. Two is sheer, bald-faced lying. Those are the only two explanations for what happened here and what didn't happen. Gross, corrupt incompetence or abject lying. What we're watching here today is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate. That is what is happening today with this story. The mainstream media is Woodward and Bernstein. Watergate is Benghazi. Except this time, Woodward and Bernstein are helping Nixon cover it up.

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October 22, 2012


On Reuters challenging Gallup’s polling methodology…

Do you ever recall a news agency questioning another poll? Do you remember when Obama had an 11-point lead, anybody questioning that poll, any other news agency? We, of course, did. When NBC News/Wall Street Journal had Obama up ten or whatever it was with these wild Democrat samples, do you remember Reuters writing a story questioning that result? I don't. And do you know why? Because it didn't happen. ABC has not questioned CBS. CBS has not questioned NBC. The Wall Street Journal has not questioned itself. Reuters hasn't challenged anybody else until today. But now Reuters is attacking Gallup for showing Romney with a six-point lead.

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September 28, 2012


The media is no longer about truth. It's not about informing.

The media is now part of the propaganda machine. They are part of the Democrat Party. They are Democrats with bylines. They're pretending to be objective. They're pretending to be inquisitive and professional. But they're not. They have thrown in with one side. They have thrown in with the Democrat Party. They have thrown in, all-in, with Obama. That's been the nature of the media for a long time now. They can be overcome. Ronaldus Magnus overcame the media -- and, folks, we can, too. My point here is we already know this. You and I know we can overcome the media. This program has done it. Any number of other so-called New Media have overcome it, and we win elections. We don't lose every election. We win more than we lose. It's important. With the free media support Obama gets -- whether it's 60 Minutes, The View, the Today show, MSNBC -- and all that paid propaganda that Obama pays for, it's important that your enthusiasm not be blunted.

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September 21, 2012


On the shock expressed by the US media at the tough questions asked of President Obama at a Univision media forum…

A lot of people, in a constitutional sense, look at the media as the referees. And I don't know that they've ever been the referees, but I'll tell you how most people feel. I think most people bring it down to the essence of what's going on. We're being cheated. It's just that simple. This isn't a level playing field. The arena of ideas has been stacked. The media is cheating. And this interview at Univision demonstrated just how much they are cheating and just how corrupt they have become. It was so profound that the media was doing stories on the hard-hitting questions Obama got. Can you believe that? Obama must think the Hispanic press is as stupid and biased as the English language press is. They know he didn't put up a bill. They know he didn't lift a little finger on immigration. They know that all he did was talk about it. They know that he could have had anything he wanted; the Republicans couldn't stop him. It was even mentioned in the question.

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July 13, 2012


On President Obama’s Executive Order abolishing the work-requirement for welfare recipients…

Have you seen it reported anywhere? Have you seen the media even celebrating it? Have you seen any Democrat go on television and talk about – “Hey! Guess what, we have reformed welfare reform, and we’ve taken the [work] requirement [out]!” Have you seen any story on this? You haven’t. It’s not part of the narrative. The narrative is “What’s Romney doing with his money?” The narrative is “When did Romney leave Bain?” The narrative is “Romney’s a felon.” The narrative is “Condoleezza Rice, who is, pro-choice, [is] gonna be Romney’s VP.” All the while those diversions are going on, the Barack Obama Administration is gutting, at every opportunity they have, the basic foundations and fiber of this country.

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July 4, 2012


On the elite media’s sympathy for Obama because he’s had a “rough week” in the news [previously broadcast material]…

Most of the country is not asking, with wringing hands and deep concern, “Oh my gosh, how is this news affecting our wonderful President?” They’re asking themselves, “When the hell is somebody gonna do something to change the direction this country’s economy is going?” They’re not worried about the impact all of this stuff is having on Obama. They see him [having the time of his life]… He’s bragging about it! Television commercials, dinner with Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker, then George Clooney, then they’re gonna do it again! Obama flying all over the place, Mooch-elle flying all over, vacation after vacation after vacation. Martha’s Vineyard, Las Vegas, Spain. Poor Obama had a bad week? On his worst week, President Kardashian has had it better than the richest man on the planet in recorded and unrecorded history… The people who make this country work are suffering every day he’s in office.

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May 23, 2012


On media explanations for the political weakness shown by President Obama in Democrat primary elections…

Now [political reporter Chris] Cilliza and the Washington Post [are] basically saying that Obama’s losing in Arkansas, West Virginia [and] Kentucky because of racism. The voters there are just racist. These are Democrat voters now. Democrat voters, this is a Democrat primary. Democrat racists. Don’t like Obama. They argue that conservative white Democrats, particularly those in the South and Appalachia, don’t want to vote for an African-American for President. And therefore are willing to cast a ballot for almost anyone else, up to and including an incarcerated felon. They voted for Obama last time. They’ve become racist after Obama got in the White House.

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May 11, 2012


On media reports that Mitt Romney was a bully in high school in the 60s…

This is what I know. Mitt Romney was not at Chappaquiddick. Mitt Romney has not been accused of rape. Mitt Romney did not have an affair with a mob babe, he didn’t have an affair with an actress who committed suicide later on. Mitt Romney did not father a child out of wedlock. Mitt Romney did not support the tapping of Martin Luther King’s phone. Mitt Romney was never a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Mitt Romney did not lie about his law school grades. Chappaquiddick is Ted Kennedy. Accused of rape is Bill Clinton. Affair with a mob babe, and an actress – John Kennedy. Didn’t father a child out of wedlock – that’s John Edwards and Democrats too numerous to mention. Didn’t support the tapping of Martin Luther King’s phone – that’s Robert Kennedy. Never a member of the Ku Klux Klan – that’s Robert Byrd. Didn’t lie about his law school grades – that’s Joe Biden. All Democrats – and all of those Democrats did those things well after high school. And Obama even wrote in his book – “Dreams From My Father” – how he bullied a young girl. And he hasn’t even apologized.

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April 16, 2012


On who is and isn’t qualified to talk about today’s economic challenges…

If a life of economic struggle is a pre-requisite for a woman to speak about economic issues effecting women, then aren’t many, if not most of the liberal female pundits belittling Ann Romney disqualified from the discussion too? Darn right they are. Pick your favorite female pundit on television. Or in print. And ask yourself – are they really worried about the price of milk? Are they worried about baby formula? Are they worried about the cost of an abortion? Are they worried about the cost of contraception? … So they don’t have this rigorous life either. Just like Ann Romney hasn’t in their mind. But somehow they’re qualified to talk about women’s’ issues and Ann Romney isn’t.

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March 30, 2012


On political commentator Juan Williams’ analysis that a supreme court ruling against Obamacare’s constitutionality is a lose/lose proposition politically – for everyone…

I know Juan Williams. I’ve been interviewed by Juan Williams. I like Juan Williams. But Juan do you even care what the bill says? Here we are, once again, analyzing the political ramifications for Obama, and for the Republicans – what about for the people? What about for the citizens of this country who are going to lose a significant amount of freedom? What about the constitution? The very foundation of it will be forever altered. The constitution limits what government can do. Pure and simple. That’s what it does. And this one piece of legislation throws that out and opens the door for government control over every aspect of life. Does this not matter? This is not an independent, isolated, political exercise. This is real life here. And I am struck by how many in the pundit class – the exulted, higher, elevated, more-than-the-rest-of-us, don’t even get that. Or they’re uninterested in it. Or they don’t see any use in talking about it. The political prism is all that matters. What about real life? What about the concept of liberty? What about the concept of the constitution that limits government? This is how you lose it. With people not caring. Not knowing. Even worse. People here incapable of seeing the big picture with this. And these, we are told, are the exulted ones. These are the ones smarter than we are.

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March 7, 2012


On the Left’s glee over Rush Limbaugh’s loss of a handful of commercial sponsors after the Sandra Fluke/contraception brouhaha…

If we added up all of our affiliates – let’s choose the number 600 – and we assumed that each of those affiliates had 30 such sponsors in the course of our three-hour program, there might be, all across this country, as many as 18,000 different sponsors of this program… there might be 18,000 different people buying advertising within this program alone. That is a conservative number. Six hundred stations, 18 commercial minutes an hour… you add all of those up over a course of 600 stations, over three hours a day, five days a week, we’re talking 18,000 different sponsors. Okay? ABC News – who understands how this works, and are purposely misrepresenting it – out there ballyhooing that we have lost 28 sponsors! 28 sponsors, out of 18,000. That’s like losing a couple of french fries in the container when it’s delivered to you at the drive-thru. You don’t even notice it.

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February 24, 2012


On the elite media’s double standard in hazing Republican candidates on their supposedly radical views on contraception in 2012, but not asking candidate Obama in 2008 about his sponsoring of legislation which allowed the killing of babies who survived attempted abortions

The woman’s decision is to abort. So, they do the procedure. Something goes wrong – imagine that – and the baby’s born alive. The legislation brings in another doctor to finish the job so as not to burden the woman with an unwanted child. And to take the original doctor off the hook and not have him undergoing a guilt trip. And that’s what the legislation was, and that’s what Newt Gingrich was talking about. And he was saying, how come nobody – you know, talk about extremism? – nobody asked Obama that. In 2008. So they [the media] immediately start doing a fact-check to find out if indeed Obama was asked about it and they say “Well, of course he was. He was asked about partial-birth abortion all the time.” This is not partial-birth abortion. This is botched abortion.

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February 22, 2012


On the liberal double standard as it applies to the religious beliefs of politicians…

Isn’t Rick Santorum being attacked for having and expressing Catholic beliefs? I mean who is the better Catholic example – Ted Kennedy or Rick Santorum? And who has been lionized by our media? And who is being castigated, laughed at, made fun of, and destroyed, or an attempt to destroy is being made. It’d be Santorum. Aren’t we constantly told that we must always respect people for their religious beliefs? Or does that only apply to Democrats and Muslims? … Christian beliefs – “We’re going to come down hard on you if you express yours.” Nobody ever attacks Obama for his religious beliefs when he trots ‘em out for political purposes.

February 1, 2012


On statements made by Mitt Romney which are likely to be taken out of context by the media…

Okay. “I like firing people.” “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” Both of them – if they’re standalones, and taken out of context – are big problems. And they indicate a problem. Taken in context – which isn’t going to happen, with the drive-by media – taken in context, it’s understandable. But I even have a problem with this in context. “I’m not worried about the poor – we got a safety [net].” The safety net is one of the biggest cultural problems we’ve got. We had better be worried about it, just like we had better get angry over Obamacare. Obamacare is worth getting mad about. Mitt said that it wasn’t. This business – “I’m not worried about the very poor, we got a safety net there.” Right. The safety net is contributing to the destruction of their humanity and their futures.


January 20, 2012


On Newt Gingrich’s castigation of journalist John King at last night’s South Carolina debate, after King led off the debate with a question to Gingrich about revelations made by his ex-wife in a televised interview…

You cannot shame the mainstream media. If any of you are thinking that the media learned a lesson – if any of you believe that the media finally had it handed to ‘em – if you believe that the media had their eyes opened and they are fully awake now and they understand what they’re dealing with – forget it. John King is proud of what happened last night. John King is a hero in the mainstream media. Because he didn’t back down. Because he continued to illustrate how it is that the media does really control the agenda. That was a demonstration of the power they hold over every public figure’s head that they choose to hold a guillotine… it’s a badge of honor. If you are thinking that John King was embarrassed, and ran away with his tail tucked between his legs and learned his lesson and it’ll never happen again – uh-uh-uh-uhhh. You cannot shame the mainstream media. They are proud of this. They delight in their power to destroy candidates they don’t like. They revel in the fact that they can keep so many conservatives from even thinking about getting into politics.

January 9, 2012


On the media’s refusal to cover a potentially embarrassing Halloween party in the White House…

The press doesn’t want to get Obama in trouble… It is safe to say – it’s very accurate to say – that, domestically, in this country, conservatives – conservative Republicans – are the biggest enemy the Democrats have. Bigger than al Qaeda, bigger than the Taliban, bigger than Iran, bigger than any foreign enemy. The Democrat party, the Regime, the media, looks at their domestic political opposition as the biggest enemy they have, the biggest threat. And in a way, it kind of makes sense. We are the only thing standing in the way of their absolute power. They don’t look at the Iranians as trying to stop them. They don’t look at the Taliban as trying to stop ‘em. They look at us as trying to stop them. And they are part of the Obama agenda advancement team.

December 28, 2011


Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today… On the lack of good news in advance of the full implementation of Obamacare…

I swear every three weeks, you’ll see a story about something – it’s never good – and then the phrase they put between the commas is “part of a little-known provision in President Barack Obama’s health care law”. The whole thing is filled with little-known provisions. Isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi said? “Well we’re just going to have to pass it and find out what’s in it.” Well now we find out what’s in it. Have we yet had one thing come out that’s in it, that’s been good? If there was, if there was just one thing in this, or one ramification – and we’re only in the early stages of this – if there was one thing that was working out well, can you imagine how the media would be trumpeting it? Obama would be there at wherever that magical place was where something good was happening because we passed Obamacare. Everything that happens as a result of this turns out to be a bad thing.

December 19, 2011


On the liberal media’s strangely reverential coverage of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il…

He was a murdering tyrant. His people are among the poorest in the world. And he’s spoken of here in reverent terms. The best thing he had going for him as far as these people are concerned was: He’s not a Republican. He wasn’t a conservative. You know, Hitler and Stalin both loved American movies too. This guy loved Michael Jordan. Wow, there’s really a lot to recommend him! Bachmann, and Perry, are stupid. Kim Jong Il – not a nut! It’d be a mistake to say that he’s a nut.

December 5, 2011


On the willingness of Republican candidates to let their campaign debates be hijacked by supposed entrepreneurial charlatans like Donald Trump…

Well the alternative view is – When are you Republicans gonna stand up and stop letting all these liberal media outfits moderate your debate? When are you Republican candidates gonna stand up and finally assert that the media is not gonna pick which one of you wins this nomination? Ergo, what’s so bad about Trump moderating a debate? Or about me, or about anybody else? Why must these debates be moderated by the Wolf Blitzers, and the MSNBCs of the world? For them to have any credibility? Why must these Republican debates be moderated by people who have one objective, and that’s to see to it that whoever wins this nomination loses? Let me put it a better way. Why should these Republican candidates repeatedly subject themselves to debates moderated by people whose only objective is to see Obama win? That’s my take on this.

December 2, 2011


On government reports that the national unemployment rate has fallen to 8.6%…

The regime needs this, and when we finally get to under 9%, it’ll be 8-point-something, but the point-what won’t matter. The only number that’s going to matter is the “8” – [it] can be 8.9 – it won’t be 8.9, it’ll be “8”. Well it’s 8.6, but it doesn’t matter, it’s “8” and predictably the media’s all over it and that’s the headline… they’re not gonna dig deep and find out how it happened… the truth of the matter is… it’s a corrupt number… folks, the number of people who have quit looking for work in the last few weeks is 315,000. Those are the people who have thrown up their hands after 99 weeks. Or more. Of being unemployed. And they’ve said “I’m quitting. I’m not looking.” So they’re not counted. Therefore, the universe of jobs available in the country is down by 315,000.

November 9, 2011


On the steady drip-drip-drip of sexual abuse allegations against Herman Cain in the media…

They’re not going to stop. They are going to not stop this until they see erosion, sufficient, in his numbers, for them to say they’ve succeeded. Just like they didn’t stop with Sarah Palin. They didn’t stop. They didn’t stop until she said she’s not running. And now, do you ever hear about her? You hear about her any more? Not at all. And it’ll be the same thing with Cain… And I guarantee you, Newt is gonna be the next one targeted. If he keeps this slow creep back up, he’s going to be the next one targeted. This is how the left works. And then the same losers on our side will start piling on, saying “Newt’s got some explaining to do there.” It’s the most amazing thing to me. Political enemies go out and level charges against people on our side, some people on our side [say] “Yeah, yeah, you may have something there.”

October 31, 2011


On media allegations that Herman Cain made unspecified physical gestures which were not overtly sexual but which nonetheless left unidentified women in his presence “uncomfortable” fifteen years ago…

Obama’s a can’t-do Presidency – Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the absolute scandal that is the Porkulus Stimulus, the destruction of the U.S. economy – and The Politico and the mainstream media have launched an unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack on an independent self-reliant conservative black because that is not allowed… What would the left be doing right now if, let’s say, there were an assault on Obama of this nature. Let’s say some conservative publication ran a story exactly like this – unnamed sources, fifteen years ago, every detail, Obama, sexual harassment. What would the Democrat National Committee and what would the media be doing? They would be going after the women. They would be targeting these women, and they would name names, and they would destroy them. That is what the Democrats and the media would do. They would set out to find out who these women are that would talk to the conservative publication, and they would destroy them.

October 3, 2011


On President Obama’s demagogic attack on Republican conduct at a debate regarding a question about homosexuality, and the role of new media in exposing his distortions…

Back in 1980, if this were 1993, folks, aside from this show, Obama would be getting away with making this country think that Republicans at a debate booed homosexuality. He would get away with it. He’s not going to get away with it this time. There is an entire alternative media that is going to see to it that a majority of Americans understand exactly what happened. Now, whereas I say in the Republican leadership and too many Republican candidates still think that the only way they can get their point across, the only way they can get their point of view aired is through the mainstream media – the Democrats are the same way but for them it makes sense because they own the media. Democrats and the media are the same thing.

August 12, 2011


On calls in the media for Republicans to compromise on tax cuts in the debt crisis.

This idea of compromise – why is it always pitched at the Republicans? … Tax increases, [entitlements]… why don’t we ever see the Democrats approached by the media and have it demanded that they compromise? By agreeing to some tax cuts. Why does that never happen? Why is the onus always on the Republicans to do this?

July 4, 2011


On the political views of President Obama and the American electorate.

Folks, do not believe anything you read or hear that Obama is unbeatable. He is a man further and further isolated from the mainstream of this country. And if there were a smidgen of mainstream media reporting along those lines it’d be over for him now. Of course there won’t be, they’re circling the wagons for the guy. Twenty-four percent of the American people – likely voters – 24% say their political views are about the same as the President. That means 24% of the people in the country are socialist/liberal. We have not lost the country, folks. It is only being made to appear that way. But we haven’t.

March 1, 2011


On the poor showing of Republican politicians and issues in a variety of media polls.

Isn't it amazing? Every poll you look at. The huge winners, last November, are now losing every important issue in the country. According to polling data done by state-run media.

March 3, 2011


On Reuters' deceptive description of the conflict between the Obama Administration and Judge Vinson over ObamaCare.

You shlubs at Reuters, you've got to try your tricks with other people. It's just not gonna work here. 'Judge Refuses to Halt Implementation'? That's their first slug. 'Judge Refuses to Halt Regime from Implementing Health care Law.' Hardly. So Judge Vinson has maintained again the entire health care law is unconstitutional. He can't believe that he was unclear. He was totally clear. He can't believe they waited two weeks before filing a motion to clarify. He expected the government lawyers to seek a stay of the ruling immediately. That they would effectively ignore the order and judgment for two and a half weeks, and continue to implement the Act, and only then file a belated motion to clarify? That was not expected. He thought he'd been perfectly clear in what he said... He has vacated the law. And they continue to implement it as though he doesn't exist.

March 4, 2011


On the Obama Administration's responses to Judge Vinson's rulings against ObamaCare.

What's going on here, is the Regime is trying to run out the clock. The more of this that gets implemented, they know the tougher it's gonna be to extract it. We know this too. That's why "Repeal repeal repeal" – screw replacing. "Repeal repeal repeal" has been the order of the day... the judge issued his ruling: vacate the law. It's unconstitutional. Two weeks later the Regime files a motion, "Did You Really Mean to Say Our Law is Unconstitutional? Did You Really Mean to Vacate It?" And that's when Vinson wrote what he wrote yesterday, and it was clear that he was irritated in the process. So the media, and the regime, are doing everything they can to thwart the rule of law in this country.

March 16, 2011


On the mainstream media's willingness to excuse President Obama's incompetence and irresponsibility.

I've rarely seen such a coordinated effort undertaken to excuse dangerous incompetence. And we're getting it. Each and every day it ramps up. I want you to ask yourself... forget the nuke stuff in Japan, forget the Middle East – just take a look at the domestic economic circumstances in this country, which have worsened since he took office. You put any other President – even if it's a Democrat. If it were another Democrat in office, going on television, ESPN, to do these picks, in the midst of all of this – why, whoever that President was, particularly Republican, but even another Democrat, would be scalded.

July 1, 2011


On journalist Mark Halperin’s on-air gaffe in which he called President Obama “kind of a dick".

If Halperin had said this about George W. Bush, would they be falling all over themselves to apologize? Nope... My guess is that “New ground had been broken. Finally, finally," they would say, “A reporter has had the courage and the guts to tell the nation just exactly the kind of President that we have. A gutsy move. It might’ve been over the line, it might’ve been a little bit risky, and it might be something you would never do again, but by golly by gosh the courage–" That’s how they would play it, had Mark Halperin said it about George W. Bush.

June 27, 2011


On the rules of engagement for Republican presidential candidates.

Let’s just stipulate that all Republicans who are running are gonna be asked “Why do you hate Obama’s guts? Why do you think the President is such a dreadful, horrible, America-hating slob?" They may not phrase it exactly that way, but that’s the tone, and every Republican candidate will have to reveal a certain amount of graciousness by saying “I think the President’s a lovely person, delightful father, good husband, I’m sure he loves America too – but here’s why I think every idea in his head is wrong, and here’s why I think we can’t take another four years of him..." ... on you go, down to what you really need to say for your campaign. And I want every Republican candidate to be. That. Gracious. Being ungracious? That’s a liberal thing. Bush is Hitler? That’s a leftist thing. Okay? I want to be gracious. I want to be civil. And then I want to wholeheartedly, and aggressively, go after an agenda that is flat-out dangerous to America. I don’t for one minute think that those are mutually exclusive.

April 12, 2011


On the futility of Republicans and conservatives seeking media approval during the budget battles.

If you go into this with, "Oh gosh we can't shut down the government, oh my God, what are they gonna say about us if we shut down the government," – well the answer is, they're going to say about us the same thing as if we don't shut down the government. They're still gonna say whatever they say about us because we are conservatives. And if you don't like that, become a liberal. If you don't like what liberals say about you, the only cure is to join them. Because it's never going to change. And there's not one action you can take, that will make liberals say nice things about you. And the more you try to manage what they think and say about you, the more they own you.

April 25, 2011


On the supposedly excessive profits of the oil companies.

How much profit did General Motors make? If we didn't pour tens of billions of dollars into General Motors, it would have failed because it wasn't making profits. So it has cost us a fortune as a nation to support a company that does not make profits. Now, what of these profits? When will the media tell us how much these companies net from sales after paying for the crude, the related expenses, and massive taxes. When they do these stories, why won't they tell us how much the government is taking from all of this? What is Obama's take? What's the state's take, and so forth?

May 6, 2011


On media coverage of the unemployment rate.

The unemployment rate's up to 9%, and they're celebrating. They're talking about some of the strongest job growth – 244,000 new jobs, 62,000 of them from Micky D's. Sixty two thousand from McDonald's. Now remember, in the past, those jobs have been impugned by the Democrats and the left, as meaningless, futureless, hamburger-flipper jobs, without health care... if we'd had our news media of today, back in the days of Herbert Hoover, we would've never had a depression. Because it would've never been reported as a depression.

May 10, 2011


On media priorities in their coverage of the assassination of bin Laden.

What's more important to the media – trying to convince us that bin Laden was still in charge of al Qaeda? Or trying to convince us that Obama was in charge of the raid that killed him?

May 18, 2011


On the spending habits of Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich has racked up a huge bill at Tiffany's. The jeweler. Five hundred thousand dollars. Our ever-attentive media is on the case... do I care what a former politician and his wife do with their money? Or what a current politician is doing with mine?

May 25, 2011


On Medicare reform, liberals, and the media.

What do you expect to happen, when we announce a plan to reform Medicare? You know that the Democrats are going to demagogue it. You know that it's gonna happen. You know that the media is gonna do everything they can to destroy anybody and everybody behind the plan. Because all they care about is winning the election.

June 24, 2011


On the primary obstacle between Herman Cain and the Presidency.

Herman Cain probably represents everything the news media says does not exist. Herman Cain is articulate, he is very – highly – successful. He is a conservative Republican who is black, and that is what they tell you doesn't exist. And that is a primary problem that Herman Cain has. You identify yourself as a black conservative, and you may as well be admitting that you're a whore, or a prostitute, an Uncle Tom, you've been bought off... you aren't real. It's not possible for a black person to be conservative. The way the media and the left look at this country, a black person who is conservative is a black person who would agree with the whole notion of slavery and would want to be a slave owner.

June 3, 2011


On the media and Sarah Palin.

They hate her, they despise her, they are frustrated that they haven't destroyed her. They can't believe she's still smiling, they can't believe she's still drawing crowds, they can't believe that she's enjoying life, they can't believe her family is still together, they can't believe her husband hasn't walked out on her. They can't believe any of this. Folks, you know this as well as I do. When they set out to destroy you, they mean just that. And Palin's not playing along with the script. She's not acting destroyed, she's not asking for forgiveness, she's not begging them to leave her alone, she's not changing in order to make them lighten up or anything. She's just looking at 'em and smiling, saying "Oh you want some more of it? Here it is."

June 10, 2011


On the release of 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's time as Alaska's Governor.

The New York Times and the Washington Post both are begging readers to help them sift through 24,000 emails of Sarah Palin's, from her time as Governor of Alaska... I don't recall this happening when we had that email release from the Hadley Climate Center, University of East Anglia... that foretold the hoax that is man-made global warming. There was an effort to bury those emails. But now, the New York Times and Washington Post want their readers to help them sift through these 24,000 emails. This is an obsession. It is an obsession. And I tell you, this is all going to end up backfiring on these people. It's just too much. You watch.

June 13, 2011


On the media's failure to find any dirt in the 24,000 emails released from Sarah Palin's time as Alaska's Governor.

What a spectacular backfire it was. I mean, 24,000 emails. How many? How many people could withstand a media analysis of 24,000 of your emails, replete with volunteers looking for any syllable of dirt on you, and nobody finds anything. What a giant backfire. Speaking of course of Sarah Palin, and the media – terribly distraught, looking for the knockout shot that they have been unable to deliver.