October 26, 2011


On the disconnect between the rhetoric and the behavior of Occupy Wall Street protestors…

Have you seen the photos of these parks after the occupation protests have been forced to de-occupy ‘em so people can go in there and clean ‘em up? Where’s all the recycling? Where’s all the saving-the-environment? Where’s all the organic stuff, whatever these people claim is necessary to save the planet? I can’t tell if these are pictures from Occupy Wall Street or from that earthquake in Turkey. These people are pigs… Their place is an absolute mess. And there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of recycling going on, unless you count recycling a bunch of hippie nonsense from the 60s, in terms of attitude and behavior. I thought these are the people that love Gaia. I thought these are the people that love Mother Earth. I thought these are the people that didn’t like any pollution, didn’t like any trash, didn’t like any garbage… look at the mess that they’re making wherever they are. And you didn’t see these kind of messes following Tea Party rallies.

April 19, 2011


On President Obama's economics speech at Northern Virginia Community College.

... talking about Obama's Town Hall meeting today before the young skulls full of mush at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Virginia. And one of the things that Obama said to these students early on, talking about the budget, the deficit – he actually said we can't spend more than we take in... now, if you are a rational person who has been paying attention for three years, you hear the President say that, and you are incredulous. It would be like Colonel Sanders saying, "We have got to stop killing chickens."