May 13, 2011


On the actual political character of this country.

I think the majority of this country – is us. We just don't see it reflected anywhere. But we are the majority in this country. Tea party conservatism – particularly, if you look at the way people live their lives. We are categorized each and every day as the "fringe" but we are not. We are the mainstream. The way we believe, the way we live, the philosophies, the morality, all of it – we are the mainstream of this country

May 17, 2011


On the emergence of a new political epithet.

There's actually a new term, it's just like 'deniers' – global warming deniers, climate change deniers, you know, connect them, relate them, to the Holocaust deniers. Now default deniers. The conservatives – on the outskirts of economic circles, who don't believe that default will lead to dire consequences – are now default deniers. Why is there even a debt limit if it would be catastrophic if it were not raised whenever it suits Congress to raise it?