May 7, 2012


On the election of Socialist Francois Hollande in France…

So a lot of people are asking me, “What does this mean?” – the election of the avowed socialist in France, Mr. Hollande. What does it mean? It means that France is gone. It means that there are more people on the take than there are producing. Pure and simple… Don’t think Obama hasn’t noticed this. What it means, it only means what it means for France. It’s impossible to extrapolate this. Unless you want to say that we’ve become France, and if we have become France – and I don’t think we’re there yet – but this guy promised to raise taxes on the top 1% by 75%, a millionaire’s tax… and everybody just went for it and elected only the second avowed socialist in French history. The first was Mitterrand, in the 80s. And they said no to austerity… “We’re not going to cut back government, we’re not going to cut spending, no no no, I want my goodies. I want my benefits.”

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