January 30, 2012


On complaints about negative campaigning in the Florida Republican primary…

I am getting tired of the whining about negative campaigning. I’m getting tired of the whining from everybody… What in the world is politics? What is it, if not this? Saying something to the Gingrich people here. Newt … Newt is really caught up in this notion that Romney is saying things about him that aren’t true. I’m telling you, I’m having a tough time relating to being upset about that as someone who is routinely lied about every day and has been for 25 years. It comes with the territory.

January 27, 2012


On the debate clash last night between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum over Obamacare…

Mitt Romney, in the debate last night, said “All of this talk about health care is not worth getting angry about.” And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is. It is worth getting angry about, it is worth being angry about, and it’s worth staying angry about… Santorum said “We can’t afford to give away this issue.” We can’t afford for the issue of Obamacare to be subordinated to anything else that’s being discussed up there.