February 8, 2012


On Obama’s and the Left’s attitude toward Catholics in the contraception controversy…

The Left thinks that this stuff with the Catholic church is not Catholic-wide. That a lot of Catholics don’t care. No big deal. The only people – this is what the White House, the media, the Democrats, the Left – what they think is that the only people who get riled about this are white evangelicals and typical pro-lifers. And you know what they think of them. White evangelicals are a bunch of racists, and the pro-lifers are a bunch of egg-heads. They’re the bitter-clingers. Obama and the Left, they love sticking it to that group. They have no respect for them. They think they’re a bunch of hayseeds and hicks. And so – contraception battle, abortion battle, going against the Catholic church – they think most Catholics aren’t going to care. Because they don’t think Catholics are like pro-lifers. They don’t consider Catholics to be evangelical.