June 20, 2012


On the spreading scandal of Operation Fast and Furious…

What was Fast and Furious? As simply put as I can make it: Fast and Furious was an American government program authored by the Obama Administration to arm violent drug gangs in Mexico with American weapons from Arizona, primarily. Assault rifles and deadly weapons were purchased from gun stores in Arizona and walked across the border to Mexico on purpose. This resulted in the death of scores of people, including a man named Brian Terry, a border agent for … our government. Now we all know what the purpose of this was. The purpose of this was to gin up anti-Amendment 2 sentiment among the people in this country. The objective was – and this is where the irony steps in – the objective was to have news stories where everybody was shocked and stunned and saddened – “Guns! Purchased! By drug cartel members in America! Look how easy it was! End up in Mexico? Owned by violent drug gangs and used in the commission of heinous crimes! Why, our gun laws are too lax!” The sentiment among people in this country is to maintain the Second Amendment. The American people don’t want, by a vast majority, ANY gun control legislation. But that doesn’t matter to people like President Kardashian, or Eric Holder, or any of the Democrat party on the left. They don’t want you to have guns, and so it doesn’t matter about the constitution, and it doesn’t matter about the will of the American people. They don’t want you to have guns, and they’re going to find a way to make sure that you don’t. And that’s what Fast and Furious was, as simply put as I can make it.

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May 30, 2012


On accusations by Attorney General Eric Holder that black voters face concerted, organized efforts to disenfranchise them…

Where is this happening? I want to know who in this country feels threatened? Who feels like somebody’s trying to keep them from voting? And don’t pop this Voter ID thing at me. If you look at polling data you will find a majority of African Americans favor a Photo ID. African Americans are human beings -- they have the same concerns as anybody else. They don’t want an electoral system that’s filled with fraud and deceit. They don’t want to be taken advantage of. They don’t want to have their vote not count, or to count 25 times. A majority of them favor a photo ID. But where is this movement that’s designed to get people to stop voting? Who’s behind it? I want some names. Holder ought to name names. He oughta name the organizations. He oughta produce the evidence. Who is it, in 2012, that has a stated effort to deny anybody -- I don’t care who it is -- the right to vote.

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May 16, 2012


On the latest developments in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case…

In addition to everything you’ve heard from Zimmerman’s doctor, about all of his injuries, and about Trayvon Martin with bruised knuckles, discovered in the autopsy, the FBI, which is part of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, is planning to charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime. The prosecutors claim – and this is the local prosecutor, in Florida – claim that Zimmerman “profiled” Trayvon Martin. Not only did he profile Trayvon Martin, he stalked Trayvon Martin before killing him. And unlike the charge of second-degree murder, this hate crime, if he’s convicted of it, could get Zimmerman executed. So apparently noticing a stranger in your neighborhood is “profiling” and following the stranger to see what he’s up to is “stalking”. And they both are hate crimes according to the Obama regime.

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July 8, 2011


On the government program that spent over fifty-three million dollars of taxpayers' money to buy guns for Mexican drug lords.

Justice.gov, – web site – located, on page 96, of a report on this program – 2009, February: The Recovery Act, signed into law, allocated ten million dollars to ATF for Project Gunrunner... Stimulus money paid for this, is what has been discovered. Stimulus money paid for Fast and Furious. Ten million dollars was allocated in the Stimulus bill to buy machine guns and revolvers, and let Mexican drug lords take them across the border, back to Mexico. Stimulus money. That shovel-ready job stuff? You remember that. Right here it is, 2009, February, Recovery Act signed into law allocated ten million dollars to ATF for Project Gunrunner. 2009 June Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2009 allocated an additional six million dollars to the ATF for Project Gunrunner. Which means we can trace the money back to Obama ... You can trace the money back to the Department of Justice. They administer the program. Stimulus money. This is important because now there is a way to follow the money. This is stunning. Fast and Furious funded by the Porkulus bill. 2010, August, Emergency Border Security Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2010, allocated thirty-seven and a half million dollars to the ATF for Project Gunrunner. Just a little over a year ago. Another thirty-seven and a half million. There’s more money from Obama’s stash. So, let’s add it up. Ten million in February 2009, six million in June of 2009 – so that’s a total of sixteen million in 2009. Then in 2010 thirty-seven and a half million. So. Fifty three and a half million dollars, spent on this program – to buy machine guns and revolvers. Fifty three and a half million dollars. All taxpayer dollars.