March 30, 2011


On President Obama's claim that there's no "quick fix" to our country's energy problems.

No quick fix. Well that's probably true, but if we'd've started increasing our domestic drilling thirty years ago when everybody was calling for it, would we be in this situation today?  How long are we gonna keep saying "No quick fix" when if we woulda started on a quick fix thirty years ago we'd be at a solution by now?

April 26, 2011


On the absurd hostility of the US government towards US oil companies.

The EPA – a bureaucracy – has denied Shell Oil a permit to drill off the Alaska coast. And you know why? Because their emissions – the emissions – might hurt a tiny village which is more than 70 miles away... That's the reason given. And along the same line it's been reported that seven more oil platforms have left the Gulf of Mexico because they couldn't get permits to drill... You know where they've gone? Brazil. They have gone to Brazil, where we are subsidizing Petrogras offshore drilling. So Shell Oil [is] told by the EPA, "You can't drill off the coast of Alaska because of pollution." We got a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. Seven oil platforms have shut down, and moved to Brazil, where we are funding that nation's oil exploration. What are we doing here? Well once again we're talking about raising taxes on the oil companies.