December 26, 2012


Mark Steyn is guest-hosting for Rush today… On liberal denunciations of semi-automatic weapons…

The idea that somehow guys who decide to turn themselves into one-man RoboCops and that semi-automatic weapons are state-of-the-art technology that the Founding Fathers would not have approved of? Both the semi-automatic and automatic weapon are 19th Century technology. The sensibility in which people go now and shoot up schoolhouses is the 21st Century contribution.

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December 17, 2012


On the country’s cultural decline…

Remember, folks, during the presidential campaign, I said, "Twenty-five years ago we were warning about what was going to happen if X kept happening and Y kept happening and if we didn't stop Z." Well, now, we're there. We're no longer talking about what will happen unless we do something about it. We're living it. We're living the collapse. We're living the implosion of our culture and our society. Politically, morally, religiously, you name it, and it all stems from the fact that no one is allowed to have values. Values are judgmental. You have no right to impose values on people. So we've gotten to the point where nothing is really wrong. There are just explanations for it. And in practically every instance, the explanation and the proposed cure is nothing more than the advancement of a particular political belief or ideology. In this case, liberalism.

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November 28, 2012


On the leftward change of the culture in the United States…

Folks, we're going to have to accept some things here, for example, the feminist incursion into higher education, and K through 12 education, has mattered. Women today are not the women they were 30 years ago. They're just not. They're angrier. They're not as interested in relationships. All of that radical stuff that we laughed at and thought nobody in their right mind would ever believe, they do. And it's the same thing with every other radical aspect of the left. It has taken hold in enough people to either be a majority or close enough to it that, given electoral turnout, Democrats can win on this stuff. All of this madcap stuff over the last 25 years that I've chronicled being taught as multiculturalism, we've laughed at it, "nobody's ever gonna believe this." Enough Americans do believe a lot of this radical stuff in enough numbers to elect Barack Obama and reelect Barack Obama. It's a reality that we have to face.

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July 20, 2012


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the decision by the Romney and Obama presidential campaigns to suspend operations in the wake of the Colorado mass shooting…

These seem slightly strange reactions to me, I have to say. I gather the official position is that at a time of what both candidates called a tragedy -- it’s not, by the way, it’s not a tragedy -- it’s an outrage, it’s a criminal act, it’s a criminal act of mass murder and there wasn’t quite enough emphasis on that in either man’s statement from my point of view. It’s not a tragedy. A tragedy is like a tsunami or a hurricane or whatever. This isn’t a tragedy. Both men have suspended their campaigns, taking their ads off the air… The decision to not politicize the event in a sense becomes itself political.

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May 28, 2012


On the reason for the decline of Oprah Winfrey’s media fortunes…

The minute Oprah endorsed Obama is when it ended for Oprah, because up until that time Oprah did not have a racial identity about her. Oprah was whatever her audience wanted her to be. She was for women. She was concerned with women… but when she endorsed Obama, well then – it’s like when Michael Jordan doesn’t say anything political. You know, he’s a big Democrat, but he’s not gonna run around [and] get involved in politics for two reasons: (a) the good press coverage’ll stop, and (b) Republicans will stop buying Nikes. And he can’t afford that. He wants Republicans to buy tennis shoes too. Well Oprah violated that when she endorsed Obama, and that gave her an entirely different identity that she didn’t have. And that’s when a sizable percentage of her audience said “Okay, Oprah, I’m gone.” She eventually said that political matters and racial matters mattered more to her than the stuff they thought mattered most to her. Meaning her audience.

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November 7, 2011


On media accusations against Herman Cain that he made women feel “uncomfortable” in hotel rooms 15 years ago…

Folks, I get uncomfortable when Room Service shows up, when I’m in a hotel. What is this? That’s not a fact of anything, it is an accusation. And more than that, it’s a touchy-feely accusation. How many people are made to feel “uncomfortable” every day by other people? What kind of wusses run the world now? What kind of pantywaists run the world? Who is it – “Yes, I was made to feel very uncomfortable, I think it’s worth $50,000, Mister Limbaugh.” Every day, we all are made to feel uncomfortable by something. I would be afraid to complain, how many times I’m uncomfortable. For crying out loud, that’s the whole point, a nation of whiners! And complainers. Who want to be paid for it. For being offended or being made to feel uncomfortable but so what? By what? … The problem here is that it is not a fact. Not yet. That’s an accusation.

September 23, 2011


Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On America’s woefully inadequate education system …

An educator was touring a mid-western middle school in the early 1990s and walked into the vestibule and was very struck by a banner of all these hands applauding, school-childrens’ hands applauding, under the motto “We Applaud Ourselves”. And she was struck at the sort of horrible narcissistic self-absorption of the American education system in the early 90s. We applaud ourselves. Well those middle-schoolers, what do you think they did? The middle-schoolers went to high school, and then they went to college to do Complacency Studies for five and a half years, and when they finished their Bachelor’s in Complacency Studies … the kids who grew up with the big banner saying “we applaud ourselves” went out and voted for a presidential candidate who told them “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. There are consequences. There are consequences for the wasteful, the fiscally profligate, wasteful self-indulgence of the education system.

April 29, 2011


On the political culture of the United States...

What we've created is a world where almost every key institution in society is in the hands of people who think like Barack Obama... everybody thinks that all you need to do to make stuff better is to have more government spending. All you need to do to make the planet a safer place is for America to retreat from the world, and then all the nice people will get on without America bombing them all the time. Every key lever, every key institution in society is now controlled by forces profoundly hostile to conservatism... don't be surprised when a country raised under those kind of institutions then elects somebody like Barack Obama in November of 2008. Why wouldn't they? When the air that you breathe is liberal. When the schoolhouses are liberal. When the sitcoms are liberal. When the pop songs are liberal. When the air that you breathe is liberal, it's asking an awful lot for people raised in that environment to then go and pull the lever for a small-government conservative every other November.