March 7, 2012


On the Left’s glee over Rush Limbaugh’s loss of a handful of commercial sponsors after the Sandra Fluke/contraception brouhaha…

If we added up all of our affiliates – let’s choose the number 600 – and we assumed that each of those affiliates had 30 such sponsors in the course of our three-hour program, there might be, all across this country, as many as 18,000 different sponsors of this program… there might be 18,000 different people buying advertising within this program alone. That is a conservative number. Six hundred stations, 18 commercial minutes an hour… you add all of those up over a course of 600 stations, over three hours a day, five days a week, we’re talking 18,000 different sponsors. Okay? ABC News – who understands how this works, and are purposely misrepresenting it – out there ballyhooing that we have lost 28 sponsors! 28 sponsors, out of 18,000. That’s like losing a couple of french fries in the container when it’s delivered to you at the drive-thru. You don’t even notice it.

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March 5, 2012


On his own apology to contraception activist Sandra Fluke…

I don’t expect – and I know you don’t either – morality, intellectual honesty, from the Left. They’ve demonstrated over, and over, a willingness to say or do anything to advance their agenda. It’s what they do. It’s what we fight against here every day. But this is the mistake I made. In fighting them, on this issue last week, I became like them. Against my own instincts, against my own knowledge, against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level, when I used those two words to describe Sandra Fluke. That was my error. I became like them. And I feel very badly about that. I’ve always tried to maintain a very high degree of integrity, of independence, on this program. Nevertheless, those two words were very inappropriate, they were uncalled for, they distracted from the point that I was actually trying to make, and I again sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for using those two words to describe her. I do not think she is either of those two words. I did not think, last week, that she is either of those two words. The apology to her, over the weekend, was sincere. It was simply for using inappropriate words in a way I never do, and in so doing, I became like the people we oppose. I ended up descending to their level. It’s important not to be like them, ever. Particularly in fighting them.

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February 29, 2012


On the testimony of a Georgetown University co-ed at a congressional hearing in favor of President Obama’s contraception mandate on religious institutions…

A Georgetown University co-ed told Nancy Pelosi’s hearing that the women in her law school program are having so much sex they are going broke buying birth control pills. Speaking at a hearing held by Pelosi to tout Obama’s mandate that virtually every health-insurance plan cover the full cost of contraception and abortion-inducing products, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke said that it’s too expensive to have sex in law school without mandated insurance coverage. Apparently four out of every ten co-eds are having so much sex that it’s hard to make ends meet if they have to pay for their own contraception, said Sandra Fluke’s research. Can you imagine if you’re her parents – how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi, and testifies she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth-control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them. Or the Pope. Forty percent of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us, said Sandra Flake (sic) that they struggled financially as a result of this policy. The policy is Georgetown University’s student insurance does not cover contraception. It costs a female student $3,000 to have protected sex over the course of her three-year stint at law school according to the calculations. “Without insurance coverage, contraception as you know can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school,” Fluke told a hearing. Three thousand dollars for birth control over three years – that’s a thousand dollars a year for sex, and she wants us to pay for it.

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February 24, 2012


On the elite media’s double standard in hazing Republican candidates on their supposedly radical views on contraception in 2012, but not asking candidate Obama in 2008 about his sponsoring of legislation which allowed the killing of babies who survived attempted abortions

The woman’s decision is to abort. So, they do the procedure. Something goes wrong – imagine that – and the baby’s born alive. The legislation brings in another doctor to finish the job so as not to burden the woman with an unwanted child. And to take the original doctor off the hook and not have him undergoing a guilt trip. And that’s what the legislation was, and that’s what Newt Gingrich was talking about. And he was saying, how come nobody – you know, talk about extremism? – nobody asked Obama that. In 2008. So they [the media] immediately start doing a fact-check to find out if indeed Obama was asked about it and they say “Well, of course he was. He was asked about partial-birth abortion all the time.” This is not partial-birth abortion. This is botched abortion.

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February 10, 2012


On President Obama’s “accommodation” to Catholics, under which insurance companies, rather than Catholic institutions, are compelled to offer contraception, birth control, and abortifacients for free as part of their health insurance policies…

And we’re supposed to applaud this? We’re supposed to think that we have emerged with a big victory here? Obama can mandate that we buy insurance, and now Obama can mandate what insurance companies must offer, and after mandating what insurance companies must offer, then Obama can mandate what insurance companies can charge for it? Freedom doesn’t mean anything to this guy. Freedom doesn’t mean anything to this regime or this administration… this is an incredible sight to behold here. So, Obama is said to offer a compromise proposal that is respectful of religious concerns. And everybody’s applauding today.

February 8, 2012


On Obama’s and the Left’s attitude toward Catholics in the contraception controversy…

The Left thinks that this stuff with the Catholic church is not Catholic-wide. That a lot of Catholics don’t care. No big deal. The only people – this is what the White House, the media, the Democrats, the Left – what they think is that the only people who get riled about this are white evangelicals and typical pro-lifers. And you know what they think of them. White evangelicals are a bunch of racists, and the pro-lifers are a bunch of egg-heads. They’re the bitter-clingers. Obama and the Left, they love sticking it to that group. They have no respect for them. They think they’re a bunch of hayseeds and hicks. And so – contraception battle, abortion battle, going against the Catholic church – they think most Catholics aren’t going to care. Because they don’t think Catholics are like pro-lifers. They don’t consider Catholics to be evangelical.