October 21, 2011


On the late Steve Jobs…

He was as profit-oriented as any capitalist you have ever met… One of the stories that the left is very uncomfortable with about Jobs is when he took Apple back over in 1997 – he went back after being exiled, he went back in 1997 – and after a few months became interim CEO, then full-time. And the first thing he did was cancel every philanthropic program that Apple had. Because they were in a loss situation… And after Apple started turning profitable he did not re-implement… the philanthropic programs that Apple had in place… Jobs would in no way give any indication to anybody anytime anywhere what his political leanings were – they were anything but liberal… when it came to running that business of his he was as capitalist as any capitalist this world has ever produced has been… all of Apple’s products, 99% of them, are made in China. They’re made in China because if they weren’t they’d be prohibitively expensive made in the United States. The fact that he would tell Obama that unions are destroying the schools is perfectly true! It’s perfectly true.