November 2, 2012


On the U.S. government’s refusal to defend the Benghazi consulate…

They were warned multiple times, and cables were sent from the consulate that day… A cable was sent that day saying that an attack was being planned, assembled, and put together. Requests for help were made. The ambassador himself sent a cable in August telling everybody in the White House, top level, that this was happening. Al-Qaeda was massing. And Obama still, to this day, is on the campaign trail using the phrase: "Al-Qaeda's on the run; Osama bin Laden is dead!" Four Americans are dead. In some instances, they violated orders to help. They were told to stand down, and when you hear that they were "told to stand down," that's not the right terminology. They were told not to help. They were told to stay put. They were told not to offer any defense of the consulate or the ambassador or any of the people there. To say that they were "told to stand down" doesn't cut it. They were ordered to do nothing! They were ordered not to help! They were ordered not to offer a defense. And, as we know now, Tyrone Woods violated orders and went anyway because that's the nature of these people.

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March 21, 2011


Mark Davis is guest-hosting for Rush... On the motives behind a muscular American foreign policy...

I'm sick to death of "Oh we can't go in and look like we're trying to impose an American solution. We can't look, oh you know heavy-handed. We can't look, you know, colonial." Did we make Iraq the 51st state? Did I miss something? Hasn't that lie been told? Hasn't that myth been exploded? You know we tried to get Afghanistan to apply as a protectorate of the United States... we are not trying to take these countries, we're not trying to take their oil, we're not trying to run their lives. We're trying to level the playing field, we've gotta level a lot of things before we level that playing field, we're trying to literally level the landscape that contains Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or whoever else we're trying to get rid of. We have to actually kill people and break things. It's a war. It's a war. And we have to do that. Our goal is to set up a resulting landscape in which the surviving population – hopefully the vast majority of them – can look around and go, "Wow, now our future is our own. Now we can actually create for ourselves, the country where we can elect our own leaders, draft our own constitution, have our own laws." And hopefully enjoying those freedoms creates populations that are less likely to want to kill us.

March 23, 2011


On Obama's lack of a coherent military strategy in Libya...

Whatever happens in Libya – whatever happens – Obama's either gonna claim success, or deny responsibility. Whatever happens. That's why they're all over the board here. "Oh yeah he can stay/no he doesn't have to stay, he can go/Doesn't have to/he's got to go/no he can stay/well– al Qaeda in there?/Yeah, changes it a little bit, we don't know/We'll have to wait and see."

May 10, 2011


On media priorities in their coverage of the assassination of bin Laden.

What's more important to the media – trying to convince us that bin Laden was still in charge of al Qaeda? Or trying to convince us that Obama was in charge of the raid that killed him?