March 1, 2011


On the poor showing of Republican politicians and issues in a variety of media polls.

Isn't it amazing? Every poll you look at. The huge winners, last November, are now losing every important issue in the country. According to polling data done by state-run media.

April 13, 2011


On the tremendous opportunity Republicans have to contrast themselves favorably with Democrats.

Never in my lifetime has there been a greater opportunity to contrast who we are and what we stand for with our opponents and we don't really have to even say anything. Just point to what they're doing. People's lives – millions of people's lives – are being seriously hurt, in some cases destroyed, by this Administration, and by this Administration's policies. As the elections in November proved we don't really even have to say anything. It's that all we have to do is point out what we're for. If you're afraid to criticize Obama because he's black and you're afraid of being called a racist... fine. Just tell us who you are. And what you stand for. And it'll carry the day.