June 28, 2012 [ Court Ruling on Obamacare ]

On the 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, that Obamacare is constitutional…

What we now have is the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. What we have been told by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and four liberals on the court – Obamacare’s just a massive tax increase. That’s all it is. Obama lied to us about that. He lied to Democrats – lied, it wasn’t a tax, there was no way it was a tax. The Chief Justice was hell-bound, hell-bent to find a way to make this law applicable, so he just decided, “You know what? As a tax increase it works, because there’s no limit on the federal government’s ability to tax. It’s right there in the preamble to the constitution: right there in Article 1, Section 8, General Welfare Clause. It’s been established. Congress can tax whatever, whoever, whenever, how much they want.” … Even when they don’t ask for it, the Supreme Court is gonna find a way to make what they want to do legal, ‘cause John Roberts said, “It’s not our job here to forbid this. It’s not our job to protect people from outcomes. It’s not our job to determine what it is, right or wrong, or any of that, we just get to look at it and we can’t forbid this, this is what the elected representatives of the people want.” Now the elected representatives of the people were deceived.

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