August 10, 2012

On the key psychological dynamic that separates Republican leadership from conservative Republican activists…

The Republican Party and the conservative wing of the Republican Party are not unified, because we don't have the same objective. Our objective is to wipe out the liberals! The Republican Party's objective, apparently, isn't. They have a different objective. I don't know what it is. I mean, I know they want to win. But they don't look at the liberals as an enemy to this nation's founding like we do. The liberals, the Democrats and everybody in Obama's camp looks at us as the biggest threat to their way of life that exists. The Republican Party doesn't see the Democrat Party that way. As such, they're not organized to take the fight to them in that regard. We conservatives are. That's why there is a divide. That's why when a Romney spokesman goofs up, we point it out. Because we conservatives think that we've got a Republican Party that doesn't know what it's doing. And we've got to steer them down the right road for their own good. The liberals don't have this problem. They have a singular purpose. Now, they are a varied constituency, and they've got constituency groups that all want different things. But that's not what unifies them. The feminists don't like the environmentalists because they share things in common. The reason the environmentalist wackos and Feminazis are on the same team is because they both have the same objective. Get rid of us and there's no stopping what else they want to do. We don't have that characteristic, that killer instinct. We're missing it.

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