November 19, 2012

On the professional class of political consultants and the dearth of conservatives in today’s electoral politics…

They're the ones losing elections, but they have to get hired by the next losing candidate, and so they have to make sure that their list of potential employers thinks that it's me losing elections and not them. I don't have a record of election loss. I have yet to run a campaign. I have yet to pick a candidate. I have yet to script a convention. I haven't authored a political ad. I haven't come up with a political strategery. I comment on it. I suggest things that I would do, but I have never once inserted myself in their business. I have never gone to a candidate and said, "This consultant is undermining you." I've never done that, never would, not my job, not my business… I've told you this. I have known for a long time that not every conservative considers every other conservative to be on the team. There are a lot of so-called conservatives who wish a bunch of us weren't on the team. There is no conservative movement right now, by the way. There is not a conservative movement, and there is not a singular conservative leader in electoral politics.

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