April 30, 2012

On the mindset of people like Al Armendariz, the EPA administrator who quit after he was revealed in a video speaking of his desire to crucify energy companies…

That word, ‘crucify’. I know in the popular vernacular it means, well, “wipeout”… but just stop and think… ‘crucify’. The guy chose the word ‘crucify’. That’s more than just ‘discard’. What do you do when you crucify somebody? You put them on a cross. It has a specific meaning. Now we know that Al Armendariz didn’t want to put people up on a cross, but it’s the same thing as humiliating them, killing them. That’s what he wanted to do. And people said, “Gee, how did these guys get past Obama, how did these guys end up in the [EPA]?” He LIKES them. They are in his administration because everybody picking these people knows exactly what Obama wants. Crucifixion is torture. It’s a terrorist act. It was chosen because it was one of the slowest forms of death – it was painful, it took days. It took days to die. And you ended up being targeted by birds and all kinds of– it was horrible. It was absolutely horrible. Now I’m not saying he literally meant crucify but he did not mean these people just need to be beaten – defeated, politically… I want people to understand that ‘crucify’ has a specific meaning and it’s more than just, “We want to discard this guy.” These oil people and so forth.

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