September 30, 2011

On the inevitable side effects that follow from Democrat party efforts to punish corporate America…

The Democrats never factor the dynamism into anything they do. They look at everything as static. And they say, “We’re gonna really punish these banks, these banks have been ripping off our voters, these banks have been ripping off our customers, we’re gonna cut that transaction fee in half, we’re gonna make sure these banks only get half of what they’re …” … They have to know the banks are gonna find a back-door way to get that money back and then some. So while the transaction fee has been cut in half by law, here comes a $5 charge, brand new $5 fee, monthly fee, to use the debit card. This is above and beyond whatever your ATM fee is. This is now a $5 monthly fee just to have and use a debit card. Brand new fee. ‘cause you see there’s nothing in Dodd-Frank prohibiting it. Nothing whatsoever. They just fail to calculate the dynamism here. They think that all of these institutions they target for punishment are gonna sit there and take it. It never happens. Every time the Democrats set out as a party to help the little guy, it’s the little guy that ends up getting shafted.

September 28, 2011

On liberal media doyen Tina Brown’s criticism of Obama as being “unready” for the Presidency…

In Obama’s defense, let me say something here. Ms. Brown, how dare you attack Obama, he’s given you everything you want. He’s destroyed the private sector. He has upped federal spending, he’s got this country in debt three generations full. I mean for crying out loud Ms. Brown there are sperm cells in infants who have already seen all of their lifetime income taxed, spent. And they haven’t even met the egg that’s gonna fertilize the baby that’s gonna pay all those taxes. The sperm cells have been – for three generations out. All their income has already been spent and taxed. You got your healthcare bill. You got Obama owning a couple of car companies. I think you people on the left oughta be ashamed of yourselves. This guy has done exactly what you wanted! You know why they’re mad? You know why they’re mad? The polls! They’re mad because of the polls. They’re mad because the American people don’t like all this. They are mad because what’s happened is they have been made to realize that they are in the minority. They are made to realize that while in New York and Washington they may rule the roost, and they may think they’re the cat’s meow, they may think that they run the show, but nation-wide they are a distinct minority and this country doesn’t want any part of what they believe or have to offer.

September 26, 2011

On Obama’s election strategies in 2008 and 2012.

He was going to unify everybody. He was going to bring black and white and brown and red and green, alien, UFO – all of it – we’re gonna come together. We’re going to be at one with our country, at one with nature. The world will once again love us. Everybody’s going to get along. Politics, as it had always been practiced and known would end. There would be no disagreements. There would be no partisanship. Nothing, but love. Nothing, but agreement. For the good of all who walk and breathe, including the animals. And of course it’s just the exact opposite. We’ve got, not a unifier, we’ve got a man who in truth came to divide. And who has succeeded in his quest to divide. And so now, in order to win reelection, Obama has to segregate the voting public.

September 23, 2011

Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On America’s woefully inadequate education system …

An educator was touring a mid-western middle school in the early 1990s and walked into the vestibule and was very struck by a banner of all these hands applauding, school-childrens’ hands applauding, under the motto “We Applaud Ourselves”. And she was struck at the sort of horrible narcissistic self-absorption of the American education system in the early 90s. We applaud ourselves. Well those middle-schoolers, what do you think they did? The middle-schoolers went to high school, and then they went to college to do Complacency Studies for five and a half years, and when they finished their Bachelor’s in Complacency Studies … the kids who grew up with the big banner saying “we applaud ourselves” went out and voted for a presidential candidate who told them “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. There are consequences. There are consequences for the wasteful, the fiscally profligate, wasteful self-indulgence of the education system.

September 21, 2011

On President Obama’s assertion that he is a warrior fighting on behalf of the middle class…

What is it specifically that Barack Obama has done to protect the middle class? What is it? Was it passing a law that raises their health insurance premiums until they become unaffordable? Was it putting the country on a path to socialized medicine, is that among the things he’s done for the middle class? Was it a moratorium on drilling for oil and gas that has contributed to increased gas and energy costs? Was it all these jobs that have miraculously been created under Obama? Was it conducting a war on prosperity that has resulted in millions of Americans losing their jobs, double-digit unemployment, eleven-plus percent in real numbers? Is that what he did for the middle class? Was it pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to smother private sector businesses with regulations that stifle growth and profitability? Was that what he’s done for the middle class? Was it pushing a tax increase on people earning $200,000 that will result in yet another wave of layoffs and business closings?

September 19, 2011

On President Obama’s speech citing the tax rates paid by billionaire Warren Buffet’s secretary as justification for raising taxes, again, on the rich.

Warren, would you pay your secretary a little bit more, instead of us sitting here having to hear how she pays a higher tax rate than you do? Why don’t you just give her a raise, Mr. Buffet? What are we talking about here? Here’s a guy, a trillionaire, who’s running around, talking about how his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does, which isn’t actually true. Give her a raise. For crying out loud. This poor woman is being made to sound like she can barely get through the day. Because the government is taking so much of what she earns. The top 1% of taxpayers already pay 40% of all income taxes. And by the time you get to the top 5%, you’re at about 70% of all taxes, and yet this bunch comes again proposing a bill that has no way of becoming law, by the way. This is pure Campaign Speech 101 class envy – set Americans against each other, create resentment, and even hatred, between the various economic classes.

September 16, 2011

On the awakening on the part of many voters to the destructive consequences of President Obama’s policies…

People are living the loss of their jobs, living the prospect of not finding one anytime soon, they’re living the loss of the value of their home, they’re living the loss of the value of their 401K. They’re living all of this. They are living, now, the inflation of the dollar. They are living all of this. They don’t need to be told. On the other side of that is the fix. The repair. And the repair is not a RINO in the White House. The repair is not a moderate Republican in the White House. The repair and the golden opportunity here is a conservative, a movement conservative. Somebody who’s proud of it, somebody who can proudly exclaim it, explain it, articulate it, happily, cheerfully, confidently, doesn’t have to have notes, doesn’t have to have a teleprompter, doesn’t have to be reminded what to say because it’s in his or her heart.

September 14, 2011

On Republican Bob Turner’s victory in the NY-9 special election…

Look at all the conventional wisdom here that has to be thrown out, and I want to make a contrast of something. After Obama’s speech last Thursday – the joint session of Congress speech, the campaign speech, where he announced his $457 billion in new tax increases – what did Boehner do? Boehner put out a Press Release immediately. And featured prominently in the Press Release was Boehner assuring everybody how eager the Republicans were to work with Obama on this. Now, Bob Turner, not one time, in a New York district that has been Democrat for 90 years, not one time did Bob Turner say, “I am eager to go to Washington to work with President Obama.” What Bob Turner said was “Send me to Washington to stop this. Send me to Washington to roll this back.”

September 12, 2011

On President Obama visiting a soup kitchen on the 9/11 anniversary…

Doesn’t making the anniversary of 9/11 into a day of service make it seem like we’re the ones who have to make amends? Community service – that’s in many cases part of a punishment that’s handed out to people… We have something to apologize for. To be sorry about. That America was somehow in the wrong, that we have to do something to make up for so we must have a day of service... I’m gonna tell you 9/11’s always going to be a day of remembrance. And when Obama shows up at a soup kitchen, it reminds all of us to remember that it is Obama who put all the people who are in the soup kitchen in the soup kitchen. Obama is going to the soup kitchen to visit the beneficiaries of his policies. On 9/11.

September 9, 2011

Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the political correctness which is likely to mar many 9/11 commemorations this Sunday…

What those guys did, at 9:28 when the plane was hijacked, 9:58, half an hour later, half an hour later, Todd Beamer cried "Let’s roll!" and they fought back against those terrorists. We can’t put up a memorial to them in ten years either, the stupid ‘Crescent of Embrace' that’s supposed to be in that field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania still isn’t ready. There’s something wrong – there’s something wrong not just in the sclerosis of the American bureaucracy, but there’s something wrong in that we don’t even agree on what it is those guys did. You know Todd Beamer is an all-but-forgotten man. "Let’s roll!" – it was the only good news of the day. Every aspect of national government failed that day. All the big, expensive, money-no-object federal alphabet soup, CIA, FBI, FAA, INS, failed. Floppo. Did nothing. Useless. The only government that worked was lowest-level metropolitan municipal government, the fire department, firemen of New York, pounding into that building, pounding up with a hundred pounds of equipment on their backs, pounding up into that burning building. That was the only bit of government that worked. So naturally the only functioning bit of government is eliminated from Nanny Bloomberg’s commemoration. And the courage – the raw courage of Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers, who got on an ordinary commuter flight, and when they discovered that it wasn’t an ordinary commuter flight – they didn’t sit there following the stupid 1970s hijack procedures. They acted, as citizen volunteers in an ad-hoc militia, and provided the only good news of the day. And we’re going to commemorate that ten years on with a lot of weepy, huggy, feely, touchy, weepy, multi-culti mushy, wimpy pansified drivel for the most part about, quote, “tragic events," unquote. It’s not good. It doesn’t say a lot about us, and if that’s what it is like at your 9/11 commemoration, complain about it. Make sure that this commemoration is addressed honestly and understood for what it is.

September 7, 2011

On the professed puzzlement of liberal economists over how to overcome the country’s economic malaise…

Why are we blind to history? What in the world is so unique about now, other than, for the first time we’ve got somebody actively trying to destroy the private sector job creation that has always defined this country’s greatness. Well, if we know that, then we also know what to do. And that is – defeat this guy… the whole Washington mindset, that if they can’t come up with something, then there is nothing to do. Which represents the whole problem – the world does not revolve around Washington, and this country does not revolve around Washington. Washington is nothing but a gigantic boulder in our highway. To progress… I’m not saying this in a reactionary way. I’m not saying it even in an ideological way. This is pure, unadulterated fact. You simply cannot have this level of regulation on people who want to create jobs, who want to grow businesses, start them. You just can’t have this kind of shackle around them, and expect magic to happen.

September 2, 2011

On the wretched economic condition of the United States under President Obama…

This is the United States of America, and we now know we’ve got somebody running this company, who believes that its greatness is illegitimate, and we’ve got to pay the price for it. In truth we have an effective unemployment rate in this country of 20%. Black unemployment 16.9%. The 9.1% number is government disinformation. And to the people who’ve been out of work for a year or longer, this is not a recession, this is a depression. I don’t care how the government defines it. That’s what this is. When one out of every five adults is struggling to survive in the greatest nation on the face of the earth, this is a disgrace. When we can’t produce a single job in the month of August, a GDP of 1%, the Chi-coms are growing at 9.5% – the Cubans are outgrowing us – this is unacceptable. This is the greatest nation on the face of the earth, this is a disgrace, and it is a disgrace because none of this is necessary. None of it.