October 31, 2012

On rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy….

New Jersey and Queens and all that, they're gonna be rebuilt. But not because of a president. Not even because of a governor. They're gonna be rebuilt not because of any politician. These areas are gonna be rebuilt because of people, the people who make the country work, local communities, neighbors helping neighbors, churches, you name it. Individuals and families will pick themselves up. They won't wait around. There are not very many people in this country that wait around for the government, but New Orleans was one of them. Well, that's what liberalism does to people. They wait. They don't take charge of their own lives. This is not gonna happen here. This disaster illustrates what a president cannot do. This disaster illustrates what a government cannot do. And to me that's what this election's all about. Government's become way too big, way too important, way too big a factor.

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October 29, 2012

On President Obama’s claim that he issued an Executive Order during the Benghazi terrorist attack to defend the lives of the consulate staff…

So here's what military experts are asking now. If the operative story from Obama is that he had given orders to do whatever it took to secure the lives of these people, who didn't follow them? In other words, who ordered either the AC-130 or the drone not to fire on the target Tyrone Woods had painted with his laser? Because Obama is out there on record, he gave the order, do what's necessary. So Obama's trying to cover himself by saying, "Look, I'm not the one that told anybody not to use the military." He's out there now saying he essentially gave the order to do what was necessary to defend and protect these people. So the question now has become, well, who disobeyed orders? And of course the logical conclusion is that Obama never gave the order, that he's just lying now, saying that he did.

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October 26, 2012

On Benghazi…

We know the State Department was watching live video of this. We know the CIA station chief, and we know that the State Department both had sent cables, e-mails, warnings to the White House Situation Room in the first two hours. We learned yesterday that the White House knew what was going on at the moment it was happening. We know that of the four Americans dead, two of them died in the last hours of what was a seven-hour assault. Now we are told that the CIA told these heroes to stand down three different times, to not go in, to not do anything, and Panetta is saying, "We didn't have any intel." That argument's blown out of the water. We did have the intel. We had the video. We knew that there was not a protest that spontaneously erupted into an attack. We knew it was premeditated. We knew who it was. We had the group that claimed credit for it, Ansar al-Omar Sharif, or whatever the name was. They went out and claimed credit for it. The leader of the attack is all over Middle East TV bragging about it.

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October 24, 2012

On the new Benghazi revelations… the White House viewing the terrorist attack on a live drone feed… receiving emails from besieged consulate officials… refusing to take action to save them… and the refusal of the mainstream media to cover the story…

I want to tell you right now, there are only two explanations for this entire sordid affair. One is gross, unbelievable, incalculable incompetence. Two is sheer, bald-faced lying. Those are the only two explanations for what happened here and what didn't happen. Gross, corrupt incompetence or abject lying. What we're watching here today is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate. That is what is happening today with this story. The mainstream media is Woodward and Bernstein. Watergate is Benghazi. Except this time, Woodward and Bernstein are helping Nixon cover it up.

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October 22, 2012

On Reuters challenging Gallup’s polling methodology…

Do you ever recall a news agency questioning another poll? Do you remember when Obama had an 11-point lead, anybody questioning that poll, any other news agency? We, of course, did. When NBC News/Wall Street Journal had Obama up ten or whatever it was with these wild Democrat samples, do you remember Reuters writing a story questioning that result? I don't. And do you know why? Because it didn't happen. ABC has not questioned CBS. CBS has not questioned NBC. The Wall Street Journal has not questioned itself. Reuters hasn't challenged anybody else until today. But now Reuters is attacking Gallup for showing Romney with a six-point lead.

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October 19, 2012

On Obama’s shocking “not optimal” gaffe on The Daily Show…

Here's the real thing to know. Tells you everything, when Obama says "not optimal." How come he has no reluctance whatsoever about calling this movie disgusting, reprehensible, everything else he's called it, but he can't bring himself to issue a clear-voiced condemnation of Islamic terror. Do you know he still has not called this a terrorist attack? Everybody thinks after the debate that he and Candy Crowley cooked up there that he did call it a terror attack, and he didn't. And if people who watched the debate didn't watch the next day they don't know. Of course he didn't get a bounce out of that debate, folks… Obama didn't get a bounce. And everybody said he won. Ha-ha-ha. But he didn't. I told you.

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October 17, 2012

On the media consensus that Obama won the second Presidential Debate last night…

The only way you can say, "Obama won on points" is to say that he got away with lying, and that assumes the audience is a bunch of idiots. That assumes that the audience doesn't know. And I'm telling you, the people watching the debate, if they're interested enough to watch the debate, know enough to know when they're being lied to. I don't believe that Mitt Romney has to point out, for example, every lie Obama is telling. It's not possible, by the way. There were too many last night.

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October 15, 2012

On the missing magic from Obama’s 2008 campaign…

You go back and look at Grant Park on election night, look at the people in that crowd. Zombies, the walking dead. It didn't matter what he said. It was what they wanted him to be. That's what he was. That's gone. There is none of that. All there is is a hard, cold reality that he was not what anybody thought him to be. Whatever it was that every individual that voted for this guy in 2008 made him out to be in their own mind, he's not that anymore. And there's no way of capturing it. There's no way of getting it back. He's got a record, and it's dismal, and he can't defend it. He doesn't even want to talk about it.

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October 12, 2012

On Joe Biden’s bizarre, buffoonish performance in the Vice Presidential debate…

You know, Biden forgets there are real people in this country who have been profoundly damaged by the economics of this country right now. Whether they blame Obama for it doesn't matter. A discussion of it comes up last night, people who watched this stuff take the election of a president seriously. You got a bad economy, you got an incumbent sitting there, young challenger, and the incumbent, the guy starts laughing in the middle of a discussion about this? These people are worried about their taxes, their Social Security, what the hell they're gonna have to pay to get us out of this debt, and we got old man Biden there laughing about it? And then he starts laughing in a discussion about security and dead ambassadors. You know, laughing about practically everything for the first half hour.

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October 10, 2012

On the striking drop of the unemployment rate to 7.8%…

I predicted a year ago that this unemployment number would be reported at this time under 8%. How did I know? Because it's not an economics issue; it's all political. It's one of the easiest predictions I've ever made, that the unemployment would go down. All I had to learn was that no incumbent ever been elected, reelected with the unemployment rate over 8%. Well! Guess what's gonna happen in the month leading up to the election? The unemployment rate's gonna be under 8%. With this bunch in the White House, you'd be fool not to predict that.

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October 8, 2012

On Mitt Romney’s foreign-policy address at the Virginia Military Institute…

As I listen to these Romney sound bites, it reminds me of when I was listening to the speech live. It was exactly an hour ago. When you just listen to what Romney is saying about our position in the world and how he's saying it, and you compare it to what Obama says about our position in the world. I just can't get over the stark contrast and the stark difference. I mean, you ask the question, "Who is more presidential? Who should be our commander-in-chief?" and the option is these two guys. I mean, there's no comparison. It is competent, confident leadership versus rank amateur cliched liberalism. Not even informed and educated by three years on the job, just cliched liberalism.

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October 5, 2012

On breaking news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.8%…

There you have it, folks. The economy's back. The stimulus worked. The job council's programs all worked. Obamacare worked. Look at all the jobs, 114,000 new jobs created, and as I told you last December, this would happen. The unemployment rate under 8%. It's 7.9, but it doesn't matter, 7.8, 7.9, whatever's after the decimal point doesn't matter. It's the seven that matters, and the reason it does is that no incumbent president has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate over 8%. It's that simple. So they had to get the number down, and they found a way to do it.

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October 3, 2012

On the 2007 video showing an angry candidate Obama railing against the federal government for its actions with post-Katrina New Orleans…

Clearly race-baiting, clearly angry, and I'm telling you: This is who he is to this day. This is who he's gonna become if he's reelected. This is who he is today. He hadn't changed. It's who he's been all his life. It's how he was mentored. It was how he was educated and raised. He's no different than the most extreme guest on MSNBC. He just has the ability to cover it up, to mask it. You peel all that away, and this is who he is, always has been.

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October 1, 2012

On Operation Fast and Furious…

If you were Hispanic, and you learned that the president of the United States had allowed assault weapons to be walked across the border to drug cartels and be used to kill hundreds of Mexicans...? That would tick me off if I were Hispanic. If I were Mexican, that would particularly tick me off. If I were Hispanic or Mexican, I'd be asking myself, "Why did they do this? What was the point? Why give these people guns?" People in Mexico are scared to literal death of these drug cartels and these gangs. They are more powerful than the Federales in many cases. They put the fear of death in everybody, and here the Obama administration is arming them.

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