July 30, 2012

On the similarities between liberalism and militant Islam…

One of the reasons that leftists are nonplussed by militant Islam may be the idea -- I mean look at what it is. Especially if you go all the way to Sharia. It’s an all-encompassing, intrusive, uniform, mandatory, instruction manual detailing how everybody should dress, how everybody should eat, how everybody should live, how everybody should work, how everybody should play, and, what to worship. Now doesn’t that sound like liberalism? Philosophically, doesn’t it sound like liberalism.

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July 27, 2012

On another misguided and intrusive federal initiative into the housing market…

The federal government is about to start the whole process again. Believe it or not, the federal government is now starting another initiative to force banks to loan money to low credit-rated blacks and hispanics -- not just anybody, but specifically blacks and hispanics. The government is threatening and already collecting huge punitive fines if they don’t do it, and moreover this time they’re going even further. They’re going to take over the credit-rating agencies and force them to change their standards to accommodate blacks and hispanics so that nobody will have any idea who is a bad credit risk and who isn’t. In other words, the government is about to impose its will on the entire home lending market again, and force another round of bad loans so that the banks are going to be looted once again, so that even the federal government may not be able to bail them out this time.

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July 25, 2012

On recent CBO estimates that the cost of Obamacare has come down, owing to the Supreme Court’s ruling…

Just so you know, the “non-partisan” budget scorekeeper [at the] CBO is being headed at present by a woman, Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin, who has been the Deputy Assistant Director to CBO’s Health Services Department since the middle of 2011. She has donated more than $26,000 to Democrat candidates, $2,300 of that going to Obama in 2008. Before Obamacare was passed she was cited as an Obama spokeswoman. In 2009-2010 she visited the Obama White House eight times. She is the non-partisan budget scorekeeper at CBO. She’s an Obama hack.

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July 23, 2012

On public infrastructure and business success…

This “roads and bridges" garbage is just -- it’s all so indicative of who these people are. Roads and bridges, infrastructure. Roads and bridges. There’s a road in front of everything. If having a road in front of a business meant that it was successful there would be nothing BUT successful businesses. And if all you had to do to have a successful business was have a bridge nearby then there’d never be a business that was a failure…

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July 20, 2012

Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the decision by the Romney and Obama presidential campaigns to suspend operations in the wake of the Colorado mass shooting…

These seem slightly strange reactions to me, I have to say. I gather the official position is that at a time of what both candidates called a tragedy -- it’s not, by the way, it’s not a tragedy -- it’s an outrage, it’s a criminal act, it’s a criminal act of mass murder and there wasn’t quite enough emphasis on that in either man’s statement from my point of view. It’s not a tragedy. A tragedy is like a tsunami or a hurricane or whatever. This isn’t a tragedy. Both men have suspended their campaigns, taking their ads off the air… The decision to not politicize the event in a sense becomes itself political.

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July 18, 2012

On the political pressure Mitt Romney faces from Democrats and some Republicans to release more of his tax returns…

I hope Romney is keeping track of who, on our side, is caving to Obama’s demands. I hope he understands it’s the Tea Party sticking by him, and not the establishment Republicans. I hope Romney understands that it’s the Tea Party and the conservative base that is supporting him on this tax return issue. That it’s the Republican establishment and their associated media allies which are trying to acquiesce to demands from the Obama campaign from the White House. This is not commonplace politics. This is not going to make the issue go away. All these guys want the issue to go away… They don’t understand that all it’ll do is amplify the tax issue, the wealth issue, and give Obama and Democrats hundreds of thousands of pages of stuff to lie about, to distort… how this is not understood is peculiar to me.

July 16, 2012

On comments by Sigourney Weaver that Democrats care about people, and Republicans care only about business…

The fact of the matter is – you pick any conservative, anywhere, and you talk to ‘em about people, and you know what you’re gonna hear? You’re gonna hear a desire that everybody elevate. That everybody get better. You’re gonna hear conservatives talk about ways that everybody’s life-style can expand, that everybody’s quality of life can improve. You’re gonna hear optimism. You’re gonna hear hopefulness. You’re gonna hear policies and strategies to make that happen. Any conservative – any genuine conservative you talk to – is going to look at somebody and look at their potential, and want to see potential – growth potential. It is Democrats, it’s the left who have contempt for people, who have no faith in people. It’s the Democrat party who doesn’t think people have the ability to succeed on their own, Miss Weaver.

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July 13, 2012

On President Obama’s Executive Order abolishing the work-requirement for welfare recipients…

Have you seen it reported anywhere? Have you seen the media even celebrating it? Have you seen any Democrat go on television and talk about – “Hey! Guess what, we have reformed welfare reform, and we’ve taken the [work] requirement [out]!” Have you seen any story on this? You haven’t. It’s not part of the narrative. The narrative is “What’s Romney doing with his money?” The narrative is “When did Romney leave Bain?” The narrative is “Romney’s a felon.” The narrative is “Condoleezza Rice, who is, pro-choice, [is] gonna be Romney’s VP.” All the while those diversions are going on, the Barack Obama Administration is gutting, at every opportunity they have, the basic foundations and fiber of this country.

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July 11, 2012

On liberal accusations that Mitt Romney’s wealth makes him out of touch with normal Americans…

Remind me again – why is being successful as a direct result of your own hard work and education a negative? Why is being successful tantamount to being out of touch? In this country in the American media, the American Left, being successful is out of touch, and that’s a problem. Being successful? Is out of touch? Being successful means you don’t know what people are going through? Being successful means you don’t know about suffering? Being successful means you don’t know about the unsuccessful. Lookit. FDR and the Kennedys were hereditary millionaires… lucky sperm club, they just had to grow up. John Kerry – the haughty John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) – married into his fortune. It’s his wife that owns the houses… The Kennedys, FDR, grew into it. Lucky sperm club. Romney, however, is out of touch, and doesn’t care. Why? ‘cause he worked in the private sector? Because he played by the rules? Because he’s got some bank accounts in the Cayman Islands? Well so does Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, as it turns out. In fact even the U.S. Government has foreign investments in all of these places.

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July 9, 2012

On what it will take for Mitt Romney to win the election…

Romney is gonna have to start treating Obama the same way he did Newt and Santorum, folks. He’s gonna have to do that… Romney has got to realize that running a campaign on traditional American values is not enough. Sad to say. That’s the hard, cold reality. Simply running around and telling people he’s gonna fix the economy – “What? What are you gonna do with the economy? Yeah we all know it stinks – what are you gonna do? What’s the plan?” … 59 points? Can you tell me three of them? You can’t. So don’t tell me there’s 59 points. He may as well have zero, you can’t tell me what any of ‘em are. Big whoop. It’s not enough to say you’re gonna repeal Obamacare. Because there’s no accompanying talk from Republicans in congress that have similar type energy. This has to be about Obama. This campaign has to be about Obama and Romney’ll have to look at Obama the way he tarred Newt and the way he tarred Santorum… But Obama’s not black, he’s not Martian, he’s not white. He’s the Destructor and he’s gotta be stopped! In order for the country to be the country Romney thinks it is. This guy, I don’t care what his race is. It’s all about policy. It’s all about a program of economic destruction that cannot be an accident.

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July 6, 2012

[Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today]… On President Obama’s economic performance since he took office…

[President Obama’s] not the first President to inherit an economic downturn. For every recovery there was a downturn before it. And he came in, with a Democratic congress … a Senate and a House that allowed him to do whatever he wanted. And they did exactly what they wanted to do – they went and looted the American economy by borrowing nearly a trillion dollars and going out and creating this massive stimulus program, saying that it would create so many jobs that the economy would recover and that we would quickly pay back the amount that we borrowed, and there would be no impact at all on the budget deficit, that we would actually, if anything, help start paying down the national debt with this incredible boom that would occur because of his great stimulus… instead, nothing happened. We haven’t had any improvement in the housing market to speak of at all. We haven’t had any improvement in the jobs market at all… what he managed to do was create an enormous deficit, dig us into a huge hole, and do nothing to turn the economy around.

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July 4, 2012

On the elite media’s sympathy for Obama because he’s had a “rough week” in the news [previously broadcast material]…

Most of the country is not asking, with wringing hands and deep concern, “Oh my gosh, how is this news affecting our wonderful President?” They’re asking themselves, “When the hell is somebody gonna do something to change the direction this country’s economy is going?” They’re not worried about the impact all of this stuff is having on Obama. They see him [having the time of his life]… He’s bragging about it! Television commercials, dinner with Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker, then George Clooney, then they’re gonna do it again! Obama flying all over the place, Mooch-elle flying all over, vacation after vacation after vacation. Martha’s Vineyard, Las Vegas, Spain. Poor Obama had a bad week? On his worst week, President Kardashian has had it better than the richest man on the planet in recorded and unrecorded history… The people who make this country work are suffering every day he’s in office.

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July 2, 2012

On how some things won’t be changing, even if Obamacare is fully implemented…

There’s still going to be private-sector healthcare for the rich. It will still exist. It exists in Great Britain. It exists in Cuba. Do you think Fidel uses what his citizens use? Ha! Doctors from Spain flew over to try to fix his colon, which came detached ‘cause he didn’t want to wear a bag. That’s when he got sick, he got really infected in there. But in this country it’s gonna be the same. If you don’t want to buy insurance… ‘cause you’re a rich guy, you pay the fine and then you make a deal with the doctor and the hospital he works at, you put it on your credit card, or you write ‘em a check, somehow you pay him direct, it’ll cost less with no insurance but that’s still gonna be available.

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