August 31, 2011

On the bankruptcy and closure of green-energy company Solyndra after it was touted by President Obama as the wave of the future of American manufacturing…

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He hasn’t the slightest clue about solar energy or wind energy or green energy. This global competition business? They had to shut down – global economic conditions forced the company to shut down – that probably means that the Chi-coms are selling solar panels for less than they can sell ‘em in San Francisco. That’s what that means.

August 29, 2011

On establishment Republican calls to conservatives to tone down their rhetoric…

It really frosts me, the idea… that conservatives, speaking openly and honestly about conservatism is somehow gonna cause independents to run away, and to where? A party populated by the meanest, most extreme bunch of people in American politics today. We’re told the independents want bipartisanship. We’re told the independents want people to get along. And so here comes a conservative who’s not combative, he’s just being honest…(“The independents don’t like that, you’re gonna send them right back to the Democrats…”) There’s no meaner political group of people in America today than today’s Democrats. There’s no more combative group of people in American politics today than America’s Democrats. There’s no more extreme group of people in American politics today than the Democrat party. Where is it written that these independents are gonna flock to that? They’re not flocking to that. They’re flocking away from it.

August 26, 2011

Mark Davis is sitting in for Rush today… On the electability of Barack Obama…

Are we really going to be able to beat this guy? And, looking at things right now, one would say, sure. But we cannot be over-confident… it’s like having a 17-10 lead midway through the second quarter of a football game. You have no idea how the third and fourth quarters are gonna go… I don’t think President Obama is gonna do anything that makes everybody love him 20x more. I would have a hard time wondering what the October Surprise would be that would make everybody think “Wow this has been a great presidency!" So the only thing that maybe occurs to me is something either economic or militarily that makes us not want to change presidents. It’s kind of funny, I would never predict this, you never can tell, but when people sit around in bars and think about what could happen, like bombing an Iranian nuclear facility sometime around Halloween. If he does that I will flat out tell you he probably wins. Will he do that? [Laughs] One expects not… It appears that the only thing he really wants to do with Ahmadinejad is have him over for mint tea.

August 24, 2011

Mark Belling is filling in for Rush today… On the connection between “helicopter” (i.e. overprotective) parents and the federal government...

We now have a helicopter government. Barack Obama’s our helicopter President. He believes that we’ve got to give everybody healthcare, that healthcare costs are going up so much that we can’t figure out a way to make this work via the free market and that it has to become the next entitlement. He wants to take Medicare and Social Security off the table for any kind of reform, tweaks, or changes at all because we can’t survive if we don’t have them in exactly the kind of form that we’re in right now. The whole nature of the stimulus program – “The only way we can get through our recession is if I (President Obama) spend a trillion dollars and throw it out to my friends in government – that will get the economy started again.” He’s the helicopter President.

August 22, 2011

Mark Steyn is filling in for Rush today… On the rapidly swelling social security disability rolls in the United States and Great Britain…

A lot of these guys rioting, looting, torching, burning in London were officially categorized as disabled because in the late 90s, in order to so called “reduce the unemployment rate” the British government found it convenient to reclassify the long-term unemployed as “disabled”. They weren’t actually disabled. They could hold most jobs. Yes you might be disabled if you were asked to rappel into the presidential palace in Tripoli and depose Ghadafi – you might be a wee bit too disabled for that. But you are certainly not disabled enough to hold down the majority of jobs… and yet they essentially for political reasons, to give the appearance of lowering the unemployment rate, they classified a big chunk of the unemployed as disabled. By the way this is profoundly wicked, because what you’re doing is, the state is inviting somebody, is incentivizing a citizen to collude in a lie because somewhere, somewhere deep inside, you know – you’re sitting around at home all day, you’re “disabled”, you’re claiming your disabled benefits – but somewhere deep down inside you know you’re able to work, you know there are jobs you can do and so there’s something actually evil about the welfare state classifying someone as unable to work when they are in fact able to.

August 19, 2011

Mark Davis is filling in for Rush today… On the logic of immigration enforcement.

Let us not divorce ourselves from some clarity here. The moment you set foot on American soil as an illegal immigrant you are a law-breaker. The minute you are. If you brought your beautiful family with you, you’re still breaking the law. If all you want is a better life for yourself, you’re still breaking the law. If you have the noblest of intent, you’re still breaking the law. Now, we have to figure out what to do about that. Lot of people want guest worker programs, a lot of people want amnesty, and a lot of people just want to deport every single one of ‘em and do deportation from now until we’re done. As a practical matter, that’s gonna be hard. I’ll be the first to tell you, with ten, fifteen, twenty million illegals that we have, finding every single one of them and at least sending them in the direction of the nation of their birth is a very tall order. But you know what? Try it anyway! Because using that logic – and I love when people give me this – they say, “Well, we’ll never get all of them, so why try?” What? Well guess what, we’ll never get all the drug users, either. We’ll never get all of the bank robbers either. We’ll never get all of the speeders. Let’s do away with speed limits. We’ll never catch all the speeders. Let’s do away with drug laws. We’ll never catch everybody that’s dealing in coke or hash or meth or pot or whatever, we’ll never catch everybody, so since we won’t catch everybody, why even try? That logic would never last a second, with various other crimes. But with immigration it’s supposed to.

August 17, 2011

On Barack Obama’s re-electability in 2012

We’ve got people on our side who think this guy is still invincible. And they think largely he’s invincible because he’s Obama… they’re still in awe of what Obama was, that imagery. But also the power of the presidency and this reported one billion dollars that he’s going to have to wage his campaign. But it’s patently obvious to you and me – you get somebody with a proud and cheerful and confidently articulated conservative message and agenda, and this guy is landslidable. He’s landslidable today… if the election were held today he’d lose in a landslide, and what’s gonna change? I know it’s politics, and things that no-one can predict can happen in a long period of time.

August 15, 2011

On the London riots…

Militant Islamists in the Middle East are sending emails to muslims in London saying “Hey, perfect opportunity, get in there and join the action." Once this kind of stuff starts, people that believe in this kind of stuff say “Hey, we can get in on the action too, and we can stay hidden because we’ll never be blamed for it, ‘cause it all started before we got involved." … A lot of people do this stuff because it works… You think it doesn’t work? Where is law enforcement? They won’t even bring out the water cannons. There is a proscription even against rubber bullets. Against people who are destroying, burning, private property. These people are being allowed essentially to do this. Or they were, for three nights. All because of political correctness. And don’t doubt me on this. "We can’t afford to offend these minorities. We’ve got to understand their rage. There’s been generations of this stuff building..."

August 12, 2011

On calls in the media for Republicans to compromise on tax cuts in the debt crisis.

This idea of compromise – why is it always pitched at the Republicans? … Tax increases, [entitlements]… why don’t we ever see the Democrats approached by the media and have it demanded that they compromise? By agreeing to some tax cuts. Why does that never happen? Why is the onus always on the Republicans to do this?

August 10, 2011

On Wisconsin voters turning back Democrat attempts to recall newly-elected Republican senators…

By turning back the Democrats’ attempt to recall – and I tell you, those were heroic Republican state senators that voted against all the union activity in Wisconsin, you know ending the collective bargaining and making them pay a little bit toward their own retirement and so forth, that was big stuff when that happened, it was gutsy, it was courageous, not only the Republican Governor but these Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature. And by turning back the Democrat attempt to recall – there were six Republican senators that they were trying for recall, four of ‘em were victorious, four Republicans won, so that they maintained control of the Senate in Wisconsin. It means that the people of Wisconsin have fended off what amounted to a government union takeover. The unions were trying via the recall election to take over the state of Wisconsin. The people of Wisconsin rejected it. The Democrats and the unions and their allies in the media, which is to say the media, tried everything. They pulled out all the stops, what was it, thirty five? Thirty five million dollars, they had all their goons running around, and they still lost. All of which should be very inspiring for the rest of us. If the taxpayers of Wisconsin can win against all those odds… you know Wisconsin is only recently a red state. And that’s why this was important.

August 8, 2011

On Standard & Poor’s downgrade of America’s bond rating.

So Democrats, let me ask you, are you happy now? You finally got your hope and change. I said that I hoped he would fail. And this is exactly what I meant. But, from your perspective, from Obama’s perspective, he hasn’t failed. He’s succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. And now look where we are. How many of you saw the movie, Planet of the Apes? … Remember how that movie ended? Colonel George Taylor on a beach, Statue of Liberty halfway buried, New York City doesn’t exist. Charlton Heston as Colonel George Taylor – “You did it. You finally did it. Damn you all to hell, you did it!” That’s how I feel today. That’s how I felt all weekend long. Damn it to hell, they did it. Obamageddon. That’s what we have witnesses since Friday. Obamageddon. Barackalypse Now. The only silver lining I can find is that as far as 2012 goes, Obama’s a debt man walking. Anybody want to tell me he’s not landslidable now?

August 5, 2011

On the immediate consequences of the new debt deal…

Our country added $239 billion dollars in debt in a single day yesterday. $239 billion dollars in debt in a single day. May I put that in perspective for you? $239 billion dollars in debt in one day is about five times the real cuts, scheduled to occur, over the next ten years under the bipartisan debt deal. By way of comparison, we are supposed to get, as a result of the debt deal $900 billion in cuts. But they are spread out over ten years, meaning most of them are unlikely to ever happen since they are scheduled for the out years, and cannot be enforced on future congresses. But the regime was given $400 billion dollars in new borrowing authority for this week, and they ate up 60% of it in a single day… remember now: this was bipartisan. This was Boehner and McConnell and Krauthammer Online and the Kristol Standard and all and the Wall Street Journal, and they were all in on this. “Oh wow zowee what a great deal, this is the best we can do, why, golly we gotta do this. We gotta avoid default, we got to avoid losing the Triple A rating, we gotta do this deal, why, it’s real spending cuts!” That will never happen. More in debt in one day, than the spending cuts over ten years in the debt deal. It’s comical. It’s comical because it’s the same-old same-old. It’s the same old bag of you-know-what.


August 3, 2011

On the never-ending saga of the debt crisis.

This deal was supposed to be the salvation. This deal was supposed to buy us time. This deal was supposed to ward off Satan. And his sandwich. This deal was supposed to buy us some time, at least for Christmas. This deal was supposed to bring us a little peace. This deal was supposed to bring us a little compromise. And now here it is. When did Obama sign this stupid thing? Yesterday? Last night? So in one day – we have a story from Reuters – “Economists say the economy could face a further drag from the budget deficit cutting plan approved by Congress this week.” Wait a minute! I thought this bill was the salvation. Now they tell us, one day later, that the economy could face a further drag because we did this deal. And why? Because it’s a deficit cutter. And it’s not a deficit cutter.

August 1, 2011

On the very mixed bag which is the new debt ceiling deal…

There supposedly are no tax increases in this. Yet the CBO… is counting on the Bush tax cuts expiring. Next year the Bush tax cuts are set to expire. That’s going to be a tax increase without anybody having to vote for one. Now, it’s also possible that the Bush tax cuts will be extended… and I think it’s 50/50… if that happens, then what happens to the CBO score? The CBO score is thrown out the window. The CBO score is BS anyway but if the Bush tax cuts are extended, the CBO is going to score that as a major cut, which will have to be replaced. A cut in government revenue. If the Bush tax cuts are extended that’s less revenue than the government’s counting on, which means that the (Debt) Commission will have an automatic excuse to go in and raise taxes.