November 28, 2012

On the leftward change of the culture in the United States…

Folks, we're going to have to accept some things here, for example, the feminist incursion into higher education, and K through 12 education, has mattered. Women today are not the women they were 30 years ago. They're just not. They're angrier. They're not as interested in relationships. All of that radical stuff that we laughed at and thought nobody in their right mind would ever believe, they do. And it's the same thing with every other radical aspect of the left. It has taken hold in enough people to either be a majority or close enough to it that, given electoral turnout, Democrats can win on this stuff. All of this madcap stuff over the last 25 years that I've chronicled being taught as multiculturalism, we've laughed at it, "nobody's ever gonna believe this." Enough Americans do believe a lot of this radical stuff in enough numbers to elect Barack Obama and reelect Barack Obama. It's a reality that we have to face.

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