January 11, 2013

On the everyday gun violence in Chicago…

Over 550 gun deaths in Chicago, a town run by Democrats for decades. It's currently run by Rahm Emanuel. What did Rahm Emanuel do in regard to the gun violence in Chicago? He held a press conference and he told the gang-bangers to keep killing people in the neighborhood, but to keep it away from schools and stop going out and targeting their kids. The mayor of Chicago said, "We're gonna be watching you. Leave our kids alone," meaning go kill your kids or go kill somebody else's kids, but leave ours alone! You keep it in your neighborhood. I reported this, and I'm literally dumbfounded. But nobody, the last I looked, was making a big push to get rid of handguns in Chicago. No, it's just automatic weapons now, because of what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. And the reason was Newtown was a big story, plenty of pictures, plenty of emotion, and a massive number of deaths on one day. In Chicago, it's two deaths one day, eight deaths the next. It barely gets reported. Therefore, it's not a media story. But it is. Over 500 people, largely children, are killed with handguns in Chicago, not Illinois, in Chicago every year. And you can't get the media interested in it because it will not advance the cause.

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