January 18, 2013

On Lance Armstrong’s doping confession to Oprah Winfrey…

Wasn't Bill Clinton telling the truth? Weren't all these people being critical of Bill Clinton just a bunch of people trying to take down this greatest, most moral president we've ever had? Oprah, your heroes, Bill and Hillary Clinton, wrote the blueprint: Deny, deny, deny, and attack the accuser! They wrote the blueprint, and it's been used by Democrats ever since. The Democrats to this day use the Lance Armstrong tactic. In fact, every Obama campaign is oriented toward destroying the opposition however you have to. If you have to lie, if you have to run ads that are not truthful at all, you just do it. That's all Lance was doing. He was just practicing the theories that have been shown to work by Bill and Hillary. "Vast right-wing conspiracy." I can't believe Oprah doesn't know this. See the different standards?

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