March 28, 2012

On predictions by some liberal pundits that a Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare will help Obama in November…

We’ve got an economy that’s in a shambles, there aren’t any new jobs… there’s nothing, there’s not one element of Obama’s record on which he can run for reelection. There’s not one thing they can tout, that has been good for America, and thus Obama deserves four more years. Not one thing! So. The Supreme Court throws out the mandate. Let’s say. And let’s say they throw out some other parts of the law. What are they saying in Realville, where real people live? The Supreme Court has just said “Obamacare is illegal.” That’s what “unconstitutional” means – it’s illegal. They want to try and spin that as a positive? Let ‘em try. Let them try spinning, Obama’s signature legislation – the thing his name’s on. Obamacare! The great savior of this country. And the Supreme Court says it’s illegal.

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