September 21, 2012

On the shock expressed by the US media at the tough questions asked of President Obama at a Univision media forum…

A lot of people, in a constitutional sense, look at the media as the referees. And I don't know that they've ever been the referees, but I'll tell you how most people feel. I think most people bring it down to the essence of what's going on. We're being cheated. It's just that simple. This isn't a level playing field. The arena of ideas has been stacked. The media is cheating. And this interview at Univision demonstrated just how much they are cheating and just how corrupt they have become. It was so profound that the media was doing stories on the hard-hitting questions Obama got. Can you believe that? Obama must think the Hispanic press is as stupid and biased as the English language press is. They know he didn't put up a bill. They know he didn't lift a little finger on immigration. They know that all he did was talk about it. They know that he could have had anything he wanted; the Republicans couldn't stop him. It was even mentioned in the question.

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