October 29, 2012

On President Obama’s claim that he issued an Executive Order during the Benghazi terrorist attack to defend the lives of the consulate staff…

So here's what military experts are asking now. If the operative story from Obama is that he had given orders to do whatever it took to secure the lives of these people, who didn't follow them? In other words, who ordered either the AC-130 or the drone not to fire on the target Tyrone Woods had painted with his laser? Because Obama is out there on record, he gave the order, do what's necessary. So Obama's trying to cover himself by saying, "Look, I'm not the one that told anybody not to use the military." He's out there now saying he essentially gave the order to do what was necessary to defend and protect these people. So the question now has become, well, who disobeyed orders? And of course the logical conclusion is that Obama never gave the order, that he's just lying now, saying that he did.

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