September 26, 2011

On Obama’s election strategies in 2008 and 2012.

He was going to unify everybody. He was going to bring black and white and brown and red and green, alien, UFO – all of it – we’re gonna come together. We’re going to be at one with our country, at one with nature. The world will once again love us. Everybody’s going to get along. Politics, as it had always been practiced and known would end. There would be no disagreements. There would be no partisanship. Nothing, but love. Nothing, but agreement. For the good of all who walk and breathe, including the animals. And of course it’s just the exact opposite. We’ve got, not a unifier, we’ve got a man who in truth came to divide. And who has succeeded in his quest to divide. And so now, in order to win reelection, Obama has to segregate the voting public.